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Sarah Moore joined CBC Calgary as an online journalist in 2021. If you have a tip or story idea, you can reach her on Twitter @sarah_moore_1 or at her email,

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UCP caucus chair suggests he hopes to see accelerated COVID rates before decline in Alberta

The chair of the United Conservative Party caucus in Alberta, Lethbridge-East MLA Nathan Neudorf, suggested that COVID won't have anywhere else to go once it "[finishes] going through the unvaccinated population" — but experts say the approach could overwhelm the health system.

Absence of Alberta's premier, chief medical officer during COVID spike sparks public criticism

Cases of COVID-19 are surging in Alberta. The province once again leads the country in new infections. But while the fourth wave picks up momentum, the province’s premier and chief medical officer of health are missing in action.

The story of Barry the barred owl, who became a Central Park sensation

A beloved barred owl in Central Park who was unusually charismatic and accepting of humans demonstrated the healing power of nature, says Calgary naturalist.

Calgary organization designs music and breath work program to help with pandemic mental health challenges

With $96,000 in funding from the City of Calgary's Change Can't Wait initiative, The Healing Centred Cooperative is designing a music and breath work program to help people facing mental health challenges from the pandemic.

Weasels are small but serious predators capable of eating 35% of their body weight each day

Bobcats and coyotes might be common sightings in Calgary, but seeing a weasel — a small, speedy and usually nocturnal critter? That's not your everyday occurrence. So when naturalist Brian Keating saw one outside his house in Inglewood, he was sure to snap some photos.

Calgary naturalist recounts memorable sighting of grizzly bear family

It's one of the most memorable bear encounters that Brian Keating has experienced — and the Calgary naturalist is no stranger to bears, having had the privilege of seeing many over the years.

Calgary climbers excited for sport's Olympic debut

Sydney Kozak has been climbing since she was just 17-months-old, and to see the sport represented at the Games in its Olympic debut Tuesday will be a big deal.

Documentary explores climate change with mountain landscapes painted almost 100 years apart

Receding glaciers and smoky skies are some of the stark changes that come to mind when Caroline Hedin thinks about how the Rocky Mountains are changing.

More men named 'John' have sat on Calgary city council than women have

Since 1884, 31 women have been elected, and 30 have served, on Calgary council. This week, a virtual panel takes a historical look at gender representation on the council.

Rare black ground squirrel spotted in Banff alpine area

Calgary naturalist Brian Keating was hiking in the Sunshine Meadows in Banff on Friday when he saw something unusual: a black Columbian ground squirrel.