Sara Hastings-Simon

Sara Hastings-Simon is macro energy systems researcher, and an assistant professor in the School of Public Policy and the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Calgary.

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Despite recent failures in the oil sector, not all government investment is bad

The recent string of issues with Alberta government investments calls public investments into question, but each case holds key lessons on how to ensure future public investments benefit the public, says macro energy systems researcher and assistant professor Sara Hastings-Simon.

OPINION | Beyond Keystone XL, U.S. policy poses challenges for Alberta oil sector

In both the policies that the new president has outlined, and the political appointments he has made, Joe Biden is lining up for a full court press on vehicle electrification, and Alberta must recognize this new reality, says Sara Hastings-Simon.

OPINION | New report from the Canada Energy Regulator contains significant gaps

Missing is any modelling of scenarios that represent a world that is moving faster on climate action — a direction that many governments, both within Canada and beyond, have indicated as possible or even likely following the pandemic.

OPINION | Solar power is the new king, and that crown is going to be very difficult to knock off

External factors tilt the playing field in favour of renewable sources of energy, which has important implications for the future competitiveness of the oil and gas sector.

OPINION | Beware of climate delay, masquerading as climate action

We should be wary of plans from any government where efforts are directed at creating completely new technology when suitable technology is available today.

OPINION | On oilsands, Alberta is still trying to fix yesterday's problems

It's time to listen to what companies like Total and capital markets are telling us about the future of the oil industry.

OPINION | We could be witnessing a turning point in the oilsands industry

Net zero commitments from oilsands players are unlikely to be sufficient in a world increasingly focused on an economy-wide net zero goal.

OPINION | Keystone XL is Jason Kenney's $7.5B bet

As Alberta invests billions in a pipeline, it’s very likely that governments elsewhere will be investing their billions in efforts to shift us away from the products that pipeline will carry.

OPINION | If you're going to evoke the legacy of Peter Lougheed, get it right

Following the lessons from Peter Lougheed’s actions requires more than simply repeating the same investments he made.

OPINION | It worked for the oilsands: In defence of government picking winners

When it comes to economic development, energy policy researcher Sara Hastings-Simon believes truly disruptive innovation is the best way to go.