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Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa's work is seen across CBC News platforms.

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UPS shipping bungle keeps oxygen device from family sick with COVID-19

A Calgary woman was out thousands of dollars and sick with worry after trying to ship what she hoped would be a life-saving oxygen device to her family in Mexico who were ill with COVID-19. The package never got to them, and UPS wouldn't take responsibility until Go Public started asking questions.

Customer records 3 Bell reps offering same deal, then is told he can't have it

Despite documenting three different sales reps making him the same offer, an Ontario man was later denied that same deal by Bell Mobility, which said the offer didn't exist. The man is one of thousands of telco customers who say they were misled.

Woman with dementia locked into 10-year home-heating contract — with a $15K lien on her property

Homeowners say they are being blindsided with thousands of dollars’ worth of liens on their properties after signing contracts for heating and air conditioning equipment that are worth a fraction of what they're paying. Government attempts to fix the problem are failing, says an expert.

'Try not to stop and start' while driving, Honda tells owners stuck with cars not fit for winter

Some Honda drivers say they're stuck with vehicles not made for Canadian winters and, for some, a product update didn't fix the problem. A consumer advocate says carmakers are allowed to get away with not fixing problems like this because some of Canada’s safety standards are decades out of date.

Rogers fines 91-year-old woman unable to return equipment due to lockdown

Telecommunications giants Rogers and Bell are being criticized for slapping penalties on customers hit hard by COVID-19. One business ethics expert says that with many customers working from home or in lockdown situations because of the pandemic, companies should be focusing on customer service, not profits.

Ontario man battles Bell and contractor after worker uses power tool to clean his car

Bell Canada and its contractors are being blamed for causing property damage and failing to compensate homeowners. The time-consuming battles lead to headaches and frustration for those who now regret allowing the workers on their property. Experts explain why getting compensation is so hard.

'My car's on fire': Drivers fear for their safety as years-long recall rollout drags on

Millions of Hyundai and Kia vehicles run the risk of sudden engine fires and failures — and drivers say recalls have done little to address the safety issues. Marketplace and Go Public join forces to investigate the potentially dangerous engines, exposing flaws in Canada's recall system.

Apple blocks widow from honouring husband's dying wish

A widow is locked in a four-year battle with Apple over online material she already legally owns — unless she jumps through complicated and expensive hoops. Experts say tech companies refusing to hand over online assets is a big problem that will only get bigger.

Injured woman secretly videotaped by insurer, then wrongly accused of fraud

An Ontario woman was secretly followed and videotaped by the organization that should have been helping her recover from a workplace injury. Instead, Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board tried to use the videos to discredit her. Experts say all kinds of insurers use covert surveillance to intimidate claimants or discredit claims.

Copycat pot edibles that look like candy are poisoning kids, doctors say

Can you tell the difference? Pot-laced edibles made to look like children's candy are leading to a spike in poisonings, raising questions about why the illegal websites are allowed to sell them.