Rosa Marchitelli


Rosa Marchitelli is a national award winner for her investigative work. As co-host of the CBC News segment Go Public, she has a reputation for asking tough questions and holding companies and individuals to account. Rosa's work is seen across CBC News platforms.

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CRA demands payment on scammed federal benefits — from the victim whose account was hacked

Three years after his account with the Canada Revenue Agency was hacked, and his social insurance number was stolen, a Toronto man says he's been left on his own to clear his name. Fraudsters have since applied for $40,000 in federal benefits in his name — and the CRA says he has to pay up.

Motorcycle helmets bought from online platforms had counterfeit safety certifications, test finds

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that some motorcycle helmets purchased on popular websites would crack and fall apart in a crash — and that the safety certifications on them are counterfeit.

Marketplace tests 5 popular foods with healthy-sounding claims that may be too good to be true

The packaging on some food items makes big, bold health claims, so a CBC Marketplace investigation puts food labels to the test, revealing whether they deliver — and how slick marketing may be convincing Canadians to buy them, say experts.

Uber driver's racist slur caught on video after passengers refuse to end trip early

After an Uber driver was caught on video insulting a Black man with a racial slur, his friend turned to the company for help. But instead of an apology, Uber charged her hundreds of dollars for damage she says she didn't do.

Truck driver robbed of day in court, denied compensation after lawyer lies, gets suspended and disappears

A truck driver says he was denied his day in court by a bad lawyer, then denied justice again by the insurance that's set up to compensate the public when a lawyer behaves badly.

$10,000 wire transfer disappears after bank puts it in wrong account

It's advertised as a safe and reliable way to move money, but an Ontario couple says the $10,000 wire transfer they sent their adult son in Alberta was deposited into the wrong account, and then disappeared. An expert says Canada's wire transfer system is flawed and prone to errors.

Paralyzed man says he's risking his health because he can't afford medical supplies he needs to urinate

A Toronto man who was paralyzed in a fall years ago finds himself struggling to pay for basic medical supplies he needs, including catheters. Advocates say thousands of Canadians with spinal cord injuries are in the same situation and governments need to step up and better fund medical equipment.

Newlyweds say they're shut out of buying a house after credit report mix-up

After her credit report is mixed up with information from someone with a similar name, an Ottawa woman battles Equifax to fix it while she gets priced out of the city's red-hot real estate market. Experts say credit reporting agencies often fail to properly respond to consumers claiming errors on their reports because the agencies don't have to.

Walmart ships fraudulent order to hacker's address then leaves customer to recoup cost

A Walmart customer says the company left him in the lurch after someone got into his online account and went on a shopping spree. He says he warned Walmart there was a problem, but after one of the orders was delivered to the fraudster, the retailer told the customer he was on his own to recoup the loss.

Air Canada abandons 14-year-old at Toronto airport after cancelling her flight

A St. John's mom wants Air Canada to change its policies after the airline cancelled her 14-year-old daughter's flight and left the unaccompanied girl to fend for herself with no food or place to sleep.