Robson Fletcher

Data Journalist / Senior Reporter

Robson Fletcher's work for CBC Calgary focuses on data, analysis and investigative journalism. He joined CBC in 2015 after spending the previous decade working as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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What the heck are 'restrictive covenants' and how do they affect Calgary's housing situation?

If you think you can do whatever you want with your own property, your land title may beg to differ. Dave Robertson learned this the hard way, and he believes his lesson has new relevance today as the city looks to build more housing to ease the affordability crisis.

Calgary's extra fee on top of electricity prices expected to top $200M in revenue — again

The City of Calgary is expecting more than $200 million in revenue this year from the "local access fee" on Calgarians' power bills, blowing past what it had initially budgeted and far exceeding the amounts collected in previous years.

'I'm aware of it now': How Calgary's new smoky normal is affecting summer life and future plans

Calgary has been blanketed by smoke for nearly three full weeks this wildfire season, already surpassing the previous record set in 2018 and obliterating readings that were considered normal in previous decades.

Alberta wheat production expected to fall 16% after hot, dry summer

Farmers in southern and parts of central Alberta have been hit with a double whammy of both hot and dry conditions this summer, according to new data from Statistics Canada that reveals just how hard the weather has been on crop production.

Alberta electricity regulator opts for least stringent application of renewable energy pause

The Alberta Utilities Commission has offered more clarity on how it will apply the seven-month moratorium on new renewable-energy projects ordered by the Alberta government, opting for the least stringent application of the law.

Alberta's budding energy-storage industry is set to bloom. The renewables pause has cast a chill

The industry is nascent in Alberta but industry watchers believe it could be on the cusp of a major surge. Many battery projects are attached to wind and solar, however, and the moratorium on new renewable energy has raised concern in the energy-storage sector, as well.

How Alberta's gas-powered electricity stands out in Canada's mostly emissions-free system

As Canada looks to move its power grid toward net zero, the vast majority of the country already gets its electricity from emissions-free sources. Alberta is the big exception.

This new map shows the extent of Alberta's rural health-care problems — and this old report may hold solutions

Just how widespread are the issues with rural health care? It's hard to express in words. Rather, a visualization might help.

Why are Calgarians paying so much for electricity lately? Here are answers to 5 common questions

Calgary is unlike other municipalities in how it calculates one of the many components of your electricity bill — the "local access fee."

These 2 towns on Calgary's outskirts are similar in many ways — except housing costs

Cochrane and Okotoks offer a tangible example of the role municipal permitting can play in the cost of housing, according to a paper released Thursday by the University of Calgary School of Public Policy.