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Robson Fletcher's work for CBC Calgary focuses on data, analysis and investigative journalism. He joined CBC in 2015 after spending the previous decade working as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba.

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Here are the latest COVID-19 statistics for Alberta — and what they mean

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there are so many numbers flying around, it's hard to keep track. Here, we'll do our best to keep track for you, with new charts updated daily and the context surrounding the data.

Many assumed suicides would spike in 2020. So far, the data tells a different story

Widespread assumptions that suicide rates would increase during the pandemic are not supported by the growing amount of evidence coming out of Canadian provinces and other jurisdictions around the world, say experts who study the topic.

Alberta reverses direction on coal development and reinstates 1976 policy, for now

In the wake of mounting opposition to its sudden decision to cancel a 44-year-old policy that protected parts of the Rockies from coal development, the Alberta government now says it will reinstate that policy and consult with the public about future changes.

Jason Kenney takes on COVID-19 conspiracy theorists in Facebook 'rant'

Premier Jason Kenney is urging Albertans who have bought into conspiracy theories about COVID-19 being a hoax or part of a global effort to impose some kind of socialist order upon the world to "wake up and smell the coffee" and look at the actual data.

Alberta's highest rates of active COVID-19 are in rural areas now

Alberta's big cities were the epicentre of COVID-19 last fall but lately it's rural areas that have seen the highest rates of active cases, relative to their population.
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Answers to questions about Alberta's coal policy that, at this point, you're too afraid to ask

It's been nearly a year since Alberta's UCP government announced it was killing the province's 44-year-old Coal Development Policy, but what this means exactly is still confusing and unclear to many people.

Wards to watch in this Calgary election: Almost all of them

Races are underway in wards 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 that could — or will — disrupt the status quo.

With no post-holiday surge, Alberta's COVID-19 numbers appear to be on right track

Fears of a post-holiday COVID-19 surge appear not to have materialized in Alberta and experts say current trends are encouraging, but the province still has some way to go before public-health measures can be safely eased.

Calgary hotels asked if they'd promote Alberta's contact-tracing app in exchange for eased restrictions

The Calgary Hotel Association is asking its members how they'd feel about promoting the Alberta government's ABTraceTogether app in exchange for fewer restrictions on the hospitality industry — including potentially making installation of the contact-tracing app mandatory for some guests.

Alberta finds 1.5% of international travellers reporting no symptoms actually had COVID-19

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney describes his government's pilot program aimed at shortening the quarantine time of international travellers as a "success," saying only 1.48 per cent tested positive on arrival, but an infectious disease expert finds it "actually quite high."