Rob Easton

Data Journalist

Rob Easton is a data journalist for CBC News in Calgary. His previous beats include data visualization and graphics, LGBT2SI+ and refugee stories. He has also directed documentaries, reality TV and story produced for CBC Radio. You can reach him at

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Doctors already in short supply in Alberta. Now, imagine trying to find one who's gay

Finding a family doctor in Alberta is a challenge for most in the province, where the number of physicians taking new patients has dropped by half since 2020. For those in the LGBT community, it can be an even greater challenge to find a doctor who understands their unique health care needs.

Calgary is on track for its 4th hottest summer on record as August ends

With another heat warning in effect this week, August 2022 will go down as one of the hottest on record. Calgary had a nearly two-week stretch of heat warnings from Aug. 8 to 21.

Alberta put a pause on coal. But who will clean up what's been left behind?

Coal exploration projects in Alberta have been put on pause. Today, the financial futures of many companies behind these projects are far from certain. So how far does the exploration stretch — and who’s going to clean it up?

Ambulances diverted over 30K times into Calgary over last three years

It shows EMS crews from Strathmore, Chestermere, Airdire, Cochrane and other nearby communities have been diverted to Calgary thousands of times over the last three years, increasing as much as threefold in that period.

Alberta's monkeypox vaccine uptake encouraging news, says infectious disease expert

Less than two weeks since Alberta changed the criteria for pre-exposure vaccination, nearly 1,500 people have gotten vaccinated.

Alberta shifts to allow preventive monkeypox vaccines as some gay men were heading out of province for shots

The Alberta government announced Thursday that it will begin offering the monkeypox vaccine to people who self-identify as meeting the eligibility criteria for targeted prevention prior to an exposure — bringing the province's policy in line with British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, where some gay and bisexual Alberta men had been travelling in order to receive shots.

Canmore gourmet business dumps president who sent transphobic email

A prominent gourmet food supplier, caterer and retailer in Canmore, Alta. — Valbella Gourmet Foods — has removed its president from running the company after he sent a transphobic email to organizers of that town's Pride events.

Alberta ambulance dispatchers are 'beyond exhausted,' call taker says

Burnout and stress are leading to absenteeism and turnover for 911 operators in Alberta, according to a worker taking calls for the province's ambulances.

Data shows Alberta EMS call centres 'in crisis mode,' union says

Documents obtained by CBC News through a freedom of information (FOI) request show that more than 12 per cent of scheduled shifts at Alberta's AHS-run 911 call centres went unfilled over the first four months of the year.

AHS to launch external review of ambulance response in fatal dog attack, Gondek says dispatch system 'broken'

Alberta Health Services (AHS) said Thursday an independent review will take place on the response to a fatal dog attack in Calgary last Sunday.