Rob Easton

Data Journalist

Rob Easton is a data journalist for CBC News in Calgary. His previous beats include data visualization and graphics, LGBT2SI+ and refugee stories. He has also directed documentaries, reality TV and story produced for CBC Radio. You can reach him at

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Is Calgary's approach to curbing social disorder paying off? There are signs of progress, but it's complicated

Police numbers show a decrease in social disorder at a time when public attention to it is as high as ever.

Calgary LGBT community pushes to save one of 3 remaining gay bars

The establishment has been home to countless drag shows, drinks among friends, fundraisers and other community events over the years. But the establishment's lease is up in November and the building's future is in question as developer has proposed an 18-story mixed-use tower on the block.

Alberta has seen roughly 10,000 'excess' deaths since 2020, and COVID doesn't explain it all

Since the pandemic began, roughly 10,000 more people died in Alberta than what would normally be expected for that time period. The province has officially attributed 5,300 deaths to COVID.

Alberta will fare better than other provinces if recession comes, report says

An economic forecast from the Alberta Business Council says a tight labour market coupled with high commodity prices — especially oil and gas — will give the province a smoother road ahead compared to the rest of Canada.

Special avalanche warning issued for much of the Canadian Rockies

The warning runs into the new year and covers most of the national parks in the Rockies in both B.C. and Alberta, extending from close to the U.S. border into the northern Rockies.

Alberta sees largest population increase ever: StatsCan data

Alberta's population grew by nearly 60,000 people between July and September of this year — more than in any other year since Statistics Canada began estimating populations in 1951.

Alberta job vacancy numbers levelling off, StatsCan data shows

Even as fears of a coming recession grow, large increases in unemployment may be avoided, labour market analyst says.

Calgary police offer reconciliation for 2002 gay bathhouse raid

Twenty years after officers raided a gay bathhouse, the Calgary Police Service and members of its gender and sexual diversity advisory committee are offering help to expunge the records of several bathhouse patrons in a bid to foster reconciliation.

Calgary is a city of haves and have-nots when it comes to trees

The patchy nature of Calgary’s tree cover isn’t simply an issue of esthetics. Trees have important social, environmental and economic benefits, experts say.

A deadly history makes this Montana town wary of Canadian coal mines over the border

Residents of Libby, Mont., have been told selenium from Canadian coal mines isn’t a threat. But trust in industry is hard to come by in a place where hundreds died after mining for minerals contaminated with asbestos.