Richard White

Freelance contributor

Richard White has served on the Calgary Planning Commission (Citizen at Large), the Calgary Tourism Board, the Calgary Public Art Board and the Tourism Calgary Board. He writes a blog called Everyday Tourist about the city, and has written extensively on Calgary's urban development.

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The case against a farmers' market in downtown Calgary

The city loves its suburban markets with ample free parking. After nearly 70 years without one in the core, demand may never return.

Calgary actually has an impressive history of repurposing heritage buildings

The redevelopment of downtown office buildings into residential towers has been getting a lot of attention recently, but this isn't part of a new trend. Calgary has been adapting old buildings for new uses for decades, writes Richard White. 

Calgary's northeast: A unique urban sense of place demands unique urban zoning

Calgary planners might be clinging to an outdated European main-street model for city building, says opinion writer Richard White, who suggests the ethnic diversity of the northeast might call for new urban design principles.

Hot desks, beer halls, foosball and more: How 5 old downtown towers transformed to entice smaller startups

Five of Calgary's earliest skyscrapers quietly have been transformed from stuffy corporate headquarters to more contemporary, fun places to work and play. Opinion writer Richard White strolls by to see how they've done in the conversions to lure smaller, startup tenants.

5 key urban development issues Calgary's next city council will face

'The new council will need to adapt to the new economic realities of COVID and climate change, and not try to preserve the past.' Urban development writer Richard White shares his top priorities for Calgary's next city council.

Downtown Calgary's biggest issue is safety, not empty office buildings

The city can add all the murals, banners, hanging baskets, street furniture, public art and public spaces it wants in the downtown, but first they are going to have to deal with the safety and comfort issue, says urban affairs writer Richard White.

Crunching the numbers: A test case for converting a Calgary office tower into apartments

It will be interesting to see if the private sector can make the numbers work with the help of the city’s new subsidy program to convert old office buildings into new market housing, says Richard White, who writes about Calgary's urban development.

Exodus of Vancouver developers should be red flag for Calgary

The west coast contingent was so dominant, I heard Calgary’s downtown referred to as “Vancouver East” a few years ago. However, some Vancouver developers have quietly begun to leave, says Richard White, who writes about Calgary's urban development.

Revitalizing downtown Calgary: a 60-year history of over-promising and under-delivering

What the city really needs is an action plan focusing on the transformation of the downtown core from an office ghetto to a hip place where young professionals want to live, play and yes, fill up the empty office spaces, says Richard White.

OPINION | Transformation of Glenbow and Arts Commons a rare opportunity

If ever there was an opportunity to elevate downtown Calgary’s status as a major cultural destination for locals and visitors, this is it, as both Arts Commons and the Glenbow undergo major makeovers.