Rachel Maclean

Former CBC reporter

Rachel Maclean is an award-winning journalist who worked with the CBC Calgary digital team from 2011 to 2021, specializing in social media and visual storytelling.

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A look at this year's amazing sunflower season in Alberta

Sunflowers are in bloom, and are having a great year thanks to the warm weather. We asked to see your tall, small and colourful ones — and boy, did you deliver.

Run As One Music Festival look to inspire Siksika youth to greatness

A free music festival was held on Siksika Nation to celebrate and inspire young people.

Calgary's Folk Fest kicks off with distanced Summer Serenades

The Calgary Folk Fest is back and ready for thousands to enjoy live music at Prince's Island Park.

Find out who was the top stock dog at this year's Calgary Stampede

With laser focus, these dogs and their handlers raced against the clock to herd some very stubborn sheep into a pen for the 2021 World Stock Dog Championship.

Practising the safety dance as live music returns in a big way to Calgary

It was the first show in over a year for Canadian rockers Men Without Hats, and for many Calgarians too. Take a look at how concert-goers slowly dipped their toes back into the live music waters.

Why this Alberta family has been doing cattle drives for 5 generations

It doesn't get much more Albertan than this. Find out what keeps the Thomson family doing this yearly tradition after decades.

BUMP brightens up Calgary's street patios with 30 new mural barriers

BUMP — which puts on a mural festival every August — is bringing more public art to Calgary's streets through a new partnership with the city's roads department.

CBC Alberta journalists pick up 12 RTDNA awards

CBC Calgary and CBC Edmonton have racked up 12 Radio Television Digital News Association of Canada awards for the Prairie region for work on stories ranging from the devastation left by the deaths of several men by suicide in Medicine Hat, to making sense of the COVID pandemic through graphs and charts, to a forum on systemic racism, the quest for accountability after a child died in care, the secret lives of ghost towns and much more.

The fight against climate change down home on the Alberta farm

A National Farmers Union report released this month says old-fashioned mixed farming combined with new technology can reduce greenhouse gases. It's work already underway in Alberta as more farmers look to adapt to a climate changing around them.

Country stars swing into Calgary for CCMA red carpet

Country stars from across Canada and beyond brushed off their cowboy hats and boots to hit the red carpet in Calgary for the Canadian Country Music Awards.