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Rachel Maclean is an award-winning journalist who joined the CBC Calgary team in 2011. She now works as the newsroom's social media guru, and can be contacted at rachel.maclean@cbc.ca.

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The fight against climate change down home on the Alberta farm

A National Farmers Union report released this month says old-fashioned mixed farming combined with new technology can reduce greenhouse gases. It's work already underway in Alberta as more farmers look to adapt to a climate changing around them.

Country stars swing into Calgary for CCMA red carpet

Country stars from across Canada and beyond brushed off their cowboy hats and boots to hit the red carpet in Calgary for the Canadian Country Music Awards.

Seat counts unchanged after Elections Alberta releases unofficial results

Elections Alberta has counted the final poll, and released its unofficial election results Friday. 

Alberta's carbon tax brought in billions. See where it went

Alberta's carbon tax is a hot button issue in this provincial election, with many divided on the costs and benefits. Here's a look at how much it cost Albertans, where that money is now going and whether or not it's made an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Calgarians won't see Styrofoam blue bin recycling despite local innovation's success

Styrofoam recycling is picking up steam across the country, thanks in part to a Calgary-based company, but that doesn't mean it's coming to a blue bin near you.

What new neighbours of Calgary's ring road think as they watch its construction

Construction on the last portion of the ring road — the west leg — begins next year, but some neighbours are already echoing concerns of their southwest counterparts.

These dog-friendly startups want to tap into Calgary's puppy love

Calgarians sure love their dogs, and that's leading to a growing market for pretty much every service under the summer sun.

What you need to know about Calgary's southwest traffic 'nightmare'

If you've driven in southwest Calgary, then you know — all the road construction underway is causing some major traffic headaches, and they aren't going away in the near future.

Someone let the dogs out in downtown Calgary this weekend

Pooches of all ages and sizes soaked up the sun this weekend during the largest pet festival on the West Coast.

Why doesn't Easter have a fixed date?

Easter and Christmas are both Christian holidays, but while families always gather on Dec. 25 in the winter, the annual spring celebration can change drastically each year on our calendars.