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Paul is the host of Daybreak Alberta, heard across the province every weekend. He's been with CBC since 2005, twelve years of which were spent as the director of the Calgary Eyeopener. You've also heard his national car column, Karchut on Cars, on morning shows across the country for years. Join Paul weekend mornings across Alberta from 6-9.

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Why calls for 'right-to-repair' rules are revving up again for vehicles in Canada

Calls from inside Canada’s aftermarket auto sector will push Ottawa for legislation that some say will help to ensure people can continue choosing who can fix their vehicles amid increasing computerization. But manufacturers' groups believe an existing agreement can still deliver for both consumers and repair shops.
Filipino Bureau

3 young Filipino-Calgarians on Generation 1.5 and how they connect to community while forging their own way

Three young Calgarians of Filipino descent — including two members of Generation 1.5, people born in the Philippines who later moved to Canada — weigh in on what matters to them.
Filipino Bureau

The drive to get more Filipino Canadians into politics

A discussion with three Filipino-Canadian politicians about their decision to enter politics, the challenges they’ve faced, and the work they’re doing to get more Filipino youth interested in politics
Filipino Bureau

Security, comfort, culture and challenges: multigenerational families under one roof

Ernie Alama has both studied and lived through the challenges and gains that Filipino families face when moving to Canada. He reflects on intergenerational living and bringing family members back together after a long time apart.
Filipino Bureau

Q&A: How some struggle with traditional expectations and pressures within Filipino families

Julie Alati-it, Bea Gan and Giselle Dino dig into the pressures, values and gender roles in a traditional Filipino home and how the next generation of Filipino Calgarians are approaching this dynamic.
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Why Calgary is a hotbed for up and coming Filipino pageant contestants

CBC discusses the growing pageantry scene in Calgary’s Filipino community with Riza Santos, Jeanae Elisha Ventura and Harlijk Mirasol.
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When Jason Bourne fought a villain with only a pen, he used Filipino martial arts taught by these Albertans

You've probably seen Filipino martial arts on the big screen without even knowing it as Jason Bourne fights a bad guy armed only with a pen in The Bourne Identity, in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace, in Captain America and elsewhere. Well, these grandmasters are keeping the Filipino martial arts alive in Alberta.
Q & A

Life in Calgary as a Filipino-Canadian: Going from being seen to feeling like you matter

Cesar Cala on the importance of going from being seen to feeling like you matter.
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Everyday COVID heroes recognized in their community

Calgary Filipino organization Fiesta Filipino wants to celebrate and encourage people on the front lines of the pandemic.
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Zodiac makeup series goes viral for Calgary artist

Bryan Francisco's creative makeup art has gone viral on TikTok after the Calgarian used handmade plastic head pieces, clay, airbrushes and gold-flecked paint to represent the different signs of the Zodiac.