Pamela Fieber

Associate Producer

Pamela worked for more than 10 years at the Calgary Herald. She also served as managing editor of WestJet Magazine before joining CBC Calgary in 2019.

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'Buttergate' goes viral, putting palm oil fat supplements in spotlight

Julie Van Rosendaal has a message for dairy producers: We love butter. Let’s figure this out. The Calgary-based food writer has been in the eye of a media frenzy since she started spreading the news about palm fat supplements creeping into the Canadian butter supply through cow feed.

Despite recent volatility, all signs point to 'near-normal' weather for Alberta spring

According to the Weather Network, things are looking pretty average for the coming spring. That is, by Calgary standards.

Fort Macleod nears deal on historic courthouse featured in Brokeback Mountain and Fargo

The historic courthouse building in Fort Macleod is soon to get a new lease on life. The nearly 120-year-old building is a designated historic property and has been on the market for two years.

Alberta reaches tentative deal with doctors after a year of acrimony

Health Minister Tyler Shandro and Alberta Medical Association president Paul Boucher have announced a tentative deal between the provincial government and Alberta physicians.

Calgary grad student honoured for research into the achievements of Métis women

When Kate Gillis launched into her masters in Indigenous studies, she quickly noticed a gap in the history.

Bison roam in Waterton Park once again with small herd

Parks Canada is welcoming six plains bison to Waterton Lakes National Park, a move that is ecologically significant for the park and culturally significant for Indigenous communities in southern Alberta.

Pigs can learn to manipulate joystick and react to video game screen, researchers say

Omelette, Hamlett, Ebony and Ivory, the pig subjects in a Purdue University study, were able to use a joystick to play a multilevel version of a game that loosely resembles Pong. 

Calgary geophysicist leading way to 'greener' lithium mining gains attention from Elon Musk, investors

Calgary's own Amanda Hall is the CEO of Summit Nanotech, a women-led company that's invented a greener way to mine lithium.

Good news and bad news can co-exist in COVID battle, infectious disease expert says

On the one hand, our infection numbers are seriously declining. On the other hand, the news about variants seems to be alarming. According to infectious disease expert Craig Jenne of the University of Calgary, these things do not cancel each other out.

Merry band of Misfitz spreading joy and silliness to COVID-weary Calgarians

A crew of dancing mascots that include a unicorn named Sprinkles and a hippo named Henrietta are popping up across the city in attempt to bring joy to care homes, Costcos and children during the pandemic.