Pamela Fieber

Former CBC digital journalist

Pamela Fieber worked for CBC Calgary's digital team from 2019 to 2021. She also worked for more the 10 years at the Calgary Herald. She also served as managing editor of WestJet Magazine before joining CBC Calgary in 2019.

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Calgary's The Establishment Brewing Company named top brewery in Canada

Local brewery The Establishment took home the top honour at this year's Canadian Brewing Awards as well as picking up gold, silver and bronze medals for its products.

Why Memorial Drive has three names and other baffling quirks of Calgary's roads

Historian Doug Coats delves into the mysteries of early Calgary street names in a virtual presentation to kick off Historic Calgary Week called "When Avenues Collide."

Bus driver rushed to help woman collapsed on sidewalk as other motorists passed by

A Calgary woman had the chance Wednesday to thank the Calgary transit driver who she says saved her life last week.

Man in hospital after police shooting at Sirocco CTrain station

Calgary police have confirmed a man was shot during the resolution of an incident at the Sirocco CTrain station Wednesday afternoon, saying he was taken to hospital in serious condition.

Second aggressive coyote suspected in northwest Calgary attacks will be euthanized, city says

After a string of unusually severe incidents, the city has announced a plan to destroy a second problem coyote near the northwest community of Tuscany.

Naturalist Brian Keating gets 'birds-eye view' of flicker nest with spy cam

When a family of flickers settled in a nesting box on his property, naturalist Brian Keating decided to set up a spy cam to capture the action.

Calgary company goes medieval on cosplay world with lightweight, foam chain mail

Ben Eadie, who does special effects and props for movies, was looking for a lightweight material for a work project, but thinking about cosplay costumes. He picked up a piece of flat craft foam and realized it could be used for chain mail.

Record number of rescue-related calls in K-Country this May, officials say

Provincial public safety officials are reminding the public to heed some basic safety advice, as visitor numbers continue to increase in the Kananaskis Country.

Planting vegetables, killing weeds and finding hardy perennials — your Alberta gardening questions answered

From finding hardy perennials, setting up a vegetable garden to controlling over-enthusiastic raspberry bushes, horticulturalist Joanna Tschudy tackles Alberta gardening challenges.

It's the last week of 50 km/h speed limit on most residential streets in Calgary

Calgary sees about 9,000 collisions a year on side streets, and city council says it's all about improved safety.