Kate MacNamara

Business Reporter

Kate MacNamara is a New Zealand-based journalist. She was a Calgary-based national business reporter for CBC Radio from 2007 to 2017.

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OPINION | New Zealand's COVID-19 'success' looks a little different from the inside

New Zealand got a lot of things right, but it’s not the utopia the coronavirus-infected world is searching for.

U.K. reforms bring workers' voices to corporate boards — changes Canadian regulators are watching

The U.K. is stiffening the rules large companies must follow, in an effort to rein in executive pay and bolster the input of ordinary employees in the running of their firms. The changes are expected to nudge Canada in a similar direction.

Craft distillery, farming with horses, serves dram of authenticity

David Farran of the Eau Claire Distillery farms his own barley with horse-drawn machinery. Craft distilleries like his emphasize a farm-to-glass production process, and are taking on the multinationals.

Western farmers worry they'll pay the price of saving supply management under NAFTA

Western grain farmers worry that Ottawa will protect supply management in dairy, eggs and poultry at their expense.

Small business owners say they are unfairly targeted by proposed tax changes

Entrepreneurs say Ottawa is waging class war, singling out business owners as the beneficiaries of unfair tax advantages.

From evacuations to smoking busy, wildfires affecting mountain businesses

Altitude, topography and wind all affect where smoke from the fires pools and while Mount Assiniboine Lodge and Sunshine Village sit empty,others nearby aren't affected or are reporting banner summers.

'Dithering' by B.C., Ottawa helped kill Pacific NorthWest LNG, energy CEO says

Mike Rose, the chief executive of natural gas producer, Tourmaline, says the B.C. and federal governments need to take some blame for the end of Pacific NorthWest LNG.

'We're using antibiotics for the common cold': The case for higher interest rates in Canada

With the U.S. Federal Reserve expected to raise rates on Wednesday, Kate MacNamara looks at the reasons why it could make sense for Canada to follow suit.

Alberta Ballet trying to recover from financial misstep

Alberta Ballet is struggling to recover from a financial stumble that started three years ago with a cancelled Joni Mitchell ballet.

Copeman clinic trying to purge patients who don't pay

The CBC has uncovered evidence that Copeman Healthcare Centre in Calgary is trying to purge patients who can no longer pay the clinic's fee.