Karina Zapata

Reporter/Associate Producer

Karina is a reporter/associate producer working with CBC Calgary. She was a recipient of the 2021 Joan Donaldson Scholarship and has previously worked with CBC Toronto and CBC North. You can reach her by email at karina.zapata@cbc.ca

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'I'm frozen out': Canadians question immigration department's approach to parent, grandparent sponsorship

The federal government is inviting thousands of Canadians to apply to sponsor their parents and grandparents starting Oct. 10 — but many say its recent approach is leaving qualified Canadians behind, and could be making the department vulnerable to ineligible applications.

Calgary city council to hold special meeting to address 'housing crisis'

According to a new report, Calgarians now need an average household income of $156,000 to buy their first detached home. Meanwhile, purchasing an apartment in the city requires a household income of $70,800.

Key Ethiopian event in Calgary at risk after prominent musician faces visa delays

Members of Calgary’s Ethiopian community are worried that prominent Ethiopian musician Dawit Tsige won’t be able to make his highly anticipated concert in Calgary next week because he still hasn’t received his visitor visa.

Calgary's rental prices climbing faster than anywhere else in the country

Touted in recent years as one of Canada’s most affordable cities, Calgary’s rental prices are now increasing faster than any other large market in the country.

AISH recipients form grassroots group to raise awareness, dispel myths around the program

A number of Albertans with disabilities who receive benefits from the province have started a new grassroots group to raise awareness about what it’s like to be on the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program, or AISH.

Renting to 3 or more unrelated tenants? You might have trouble finding affordable insurance

A Calgary landlord says one common insurance practice that makes it difficult for landlords to rent to three or more unrelated tenants is getting in the way of providing affordable housing during a housing crisis.

How wildfire evacuees in Alberta can care for their — and each other's — mental health

Experts say the experience of evacuating a wildfire can have a big impact on people’s mental health, but there are important ways for those displaced to take care of themselves — and each other.

Some Calgary tenants say ongoing construction to their building has them living in scorching heat

Some tenants at Panorama Court in Calgary’s Beltline say ongoing construction to their building is causing major disruptions to their lives, and one resident says lately the heat has been the worst part.

Alberta could be in for an early larch season

A tree expert says southern Alberta could be in for an early and potentially longer larch season this year.

Calgary school bus provider says it's in 'better position' this year amid ongoing driver shortage

Calgary’s primary yellow school bus provider says they’re in a “better position” than they were last year with staff, but the city’s larger school district says they’re still anticipating impacts from the ongoing bus driver shortage this upcoming school year.