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Julie Van Rosendaal talks about food trends, recipes and cooking tips on the Calgary Eyeopener every Tuesday at 8:20 a.m. MT. The best-selling cookbook author is a contributing food editor for the Globe and Mail, and writes for other publications across Canada.

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Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Make your own butter

Homemade butter takes approximately 10 minutes, and the result is pure, delicious, sweet or salted butter that's on par with fancy imports that come with a hefty price tag.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Make dumplings for Lunar New Year

It’s Lunar New Year on Friday, and dumplings are a popular celebratory dish. If you haven’t made them yourself, they’re a simple and satisfying kitchen table project.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Wow them with a baked Alaska

Now is the time to experiment with challenging recipes, says Julie Van Rosendaal, and a baked Alaska is fun way to get out of the January funk.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Let's Make Something Ridiculous! How about a croquembouche?

This week we tackled croquembouche, a classic French tower of cream puffs held together with caramel, which is often served as both centrepiece and dessert at weddings and other special events.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Let's make something new! How about a Basque burnt cheesecake?

Basque burnt cheesecakes are generally not literally burned but are deeply golden, with a dramatic look that has likely helped propel their popularity on social media lately.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Air fryers are hugely popular — but are they full of hot air? 

Air fryers have become the hot kitchen appliance of the year, ousting the Instant Pot and selling out in stores across Canada over the holidays.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: New year, new soup

Any blustery, snowy time of the year is prime soup season — but particularly post-holidays and mid-pandemic, when most of us have kitchen fatigue and are trying to use what we have, minimizing trips to the grocery store.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Use your leftovers to make delicious dishes

Leftovers are typically on the menu during the week after Christmas, and considering we can’t run to the grocery store with the same ease we could in previous years, it makes even more sense to up-cycle some of that surplus into something special to ring in the new year.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Mincemeat holiday dishes

A recipe for homemade mincemeat, mincemeat crumble squares and Mincemeat Olliebollen, with no meat involved.

Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: 'Tis the season for homemade gifts from the kitchen

Homemade edible gifts are fitting this year, with most of us spending more time at home and in the kitchen.