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Judy Aldous is an award-winning reporter and producer who has worked across the country for CBC Radio. She's been working with CBC Calgary since 2002 and is currently the host of alberta@noon.

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The Way Out

How a group of Indigenous people in Alberta found their way out of addiction through culture

Robbie Daniels is one of several people behind Sobercrew, a group of mainly Indigenous people who’ve found a way out of their addiction through culture and sobriety.
The Way Out

Why some men in the trades are dying of opioid overdoses

In 2017, the province reviewed all opioid-related deaths and found that of those with occupations listed, 53 per cent had employment in trades, transport or equipment operation.
The Way Out

What's inside the drugs circulating Calgary? We visited the city police testing lab to find out

Popular drugs like fentanyl, cocaine and methamphetamine are cut with cheap ingredients to help dealers stretch their supply, according to the Calgary Police Service.
The Way Out

Why an Alberta lawyer is pushing back on part of the province's new addictions strategy

A 21-year-old Calgary woman is suing the provincial government after it changed the rules around who can prescribe high-potency, short-acting opioids.
The Way Out

Once homeless and addicted to drugs, the premier's chief of staff leads the province's opioid response

Marshall Smith is the architect of a fundamental shift in how Alberta intends to address opioid addiction and treatment in the province. This story is the first in a week-long series called The Way Out: Addiction in Alberta.
The Way Out

Calgary woman sues province to maintain access to drug she says has saved her from overdose

A 21-year-old Calgary woman is suing the Alberta government to maintain access to her prescription for a high-potency opioid, which she says has saved her from overdosing on street drugs.

Meet one of CBC's most dedicated callers — and find out what keeps him dialing in

Regular listeners to CBC Radio will likely recognize Prakash Mullick's name. Host Judy Aldous introduces the man behind the voice.

'We're not what you'd expect': Food bank users defy stereotypes

As CBC Calgary ramps up its annual CBC Food Bank Drive, meet some of the people who benefit from your generosity. And be prepared to be surprised.

Tag along with the Calgary Food Bank for a 'food gleaning' pickup

Did you know that 80 per cent of food given to the Calgary Food Bank — almost 6,000,000 kg a year — comes from food retailers and manufacturers? It's called "food gleaning" and CBC Calgary tagged along with a driver on his regular pickup.

Refugee finds part-time work after CBC story

Only a day after Zainab Al Qaisi's story of her first year in Calgary went online, she was offered part-time work through a Calgary-based well service company.