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Jennifer Lee is a CBC News reporter based in Calgary. She worked at CBC Toronto, Saskatoon and Regina before landing in Calgary in 2002. If you have a health or human interest story to share, let her know.

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Alberta urged to create chief nursing officer position to help fix health system

As Alberta looks for ways to relieve pressure on its stressed health system, nurses are calling on the freshly re-elected provincial government to bring in a chief nursing officer to work alongside its chief medical officer of health.

'It was a living nightmare': Calgarian urges more mental health support for women post-stroke

Becky Morrison was 36 when her life changed in an instant. "I just sat up and went, something's wrong. All of the sudden it was like I was hearing under water," she recalled.

Alberta health workers want Smith to listen and act quickly on province's health woes

Alberta doctors and nurses are calling for urgent action from the freshly re-elected UCP government, to address the province's struggling health system, and they're asking the Premier to listen to voices from the frontlines.

More concern, more letters from Alberta ER doctors saying health system in crisis

More doctors across Alberta are speaking out, saying their emergency rooms are under intense strain, despite political messaging to the contrary.

190 Calgary doctors warn emergency rooms 'collapsing' in open letter

"We are having patients die in the waiting room again. And this is not something that happened in Calgary for many years, by and large," said Dr. Sean Fair. He's one of nearly 200 Calgary ER doctors who signed an open letter warning that emergency rooms in the city are "collapsing."

Health workers slam newly privatized Alberta hospital cafeterias over empty shelves, quality

Some health-care workers say the privatization of hospital cafeterias in Calgary and Edmonton has led to empty shelves, higher prices and a dramatic degradation in the quality of the food available to patients, staff and visitors.

No end in sight to kids' mental health crisis, Calgary doctors warn

Alberta Children's Hospital is facing a growing wave of children with complex mental health needs and requiring admission, leaving some families stuck for days in the emergency room.

Heart patients face another medication shortage. This time it's nitroglycerin tablets

A nationwide shortage of a fast-acting heart medication is getting worse as tight supplies of one form of the drug have depleted stock of another.

Could a national physician registry help Alberta's doctor shortage? Some physicians think so

As Alberta continues to grapple with physician shortages, some doctors point to the concept of a unified national licensing system as one possible relief valve, particularly for rural areas.

Some Calgarians met with 15-hour waits as ER bottlenecks grow

Emergency room wait times in Calgary are surging again with several hospitals posting estimated waits approaching 15 hours overnight on Wednesday.