Jennifer Dorozio

Reporter & Associate Producer

Jennifer Dorozio is a local journalist from Calgary, Alta. She ran a pop-up CBC news bureau in Lethbridge in winter 2022 covering news in southern Alberta.

Latest from Jennifer Dorozio

Bird sanctuary construction works around threatened birds' burrows

Last spring, when the city began construction work at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, they temporarily put a tarp over empty bank swallow nest on the banks of the river. After the public spoke out, they changed their approach.

More than a restaurant: Golden Inn customers share what makes it special

The Golden Inn restaurant has been a popular spot for family dining by day and at night — the go-to spot that a younger generation in the city could count on to be open late. They close later this month.

85-year-old running Calgary Marathon calls himself 'oldest ever grandpa pace bunny'

Gerald Miller discovered a love for long distance running about 50 years ago, since then his passion has taken him to races all over the world.

Entire southeast Alberta school district getting day off for Eid al-Fitr next year

After many students at Brooks Composite High School spoke up about the hassle of missing class each year to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, school administration decided to make a change on the school calendar.

Should Lethbridge build a 3rd bridge? Depends whom you ask

This one bridge — debated for decades and recently put to a ballot vote — could cost $300 million. That’s a property tax hike of up to 22 per cent in a city of just over 100,000.

Dry community in southern Alberta keeps ban on alcohol sales

A majority of 52 per cent of the 885 respondents in a town survey indicated they wanted Raymond, Alta., to remain a dry community.

Southern Albertans create group to 'fill that gap' getting Ukrainians settled

Millions of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes behind since Russia invaded, and a group called Project Sunflower in southern Alberta is helping some who are relocating to Canada.

One of Alberta's last dry communities could soon see pours of alcohol

Raymond, a close-knit agricultural community about 250 kilometres southeast of Calgary, has been dry since it was founded in 1903. These days, you can drink in town, but you just can't purchase alcohol there — yet.

University of Lethbridge faculty strike ends, classes to resume

On Monday evening, The University of Lethbridge Faculty Association announced its members voted 91 per cent in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement with university administration. Ballots were cast by 92 per cent of its members.

Important biological area in Southern Alberta now under environmental protection

A large portion of land near the Livingston mountain range which has been used for cattle ranching by the same family for five generations. Now, thanks to a contract with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, it will be protected against future development.