Jennifer Dorozio

Reporter & Associate Producer

Jennifer Dorozio is a local journalist from Calgary. She ran a pop-up CBC bureau in Lethbridge in early 2022, covering news in southern Alberta.

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Calgary police still investigating, anticipate laying charges tied to violent clash earlier this month

Police say they anticipate laying charges after a violent clash between two groups of Eritrean community members in Falconridge Plaza earlier this month.

Richard or 'Ree-shar'? Debate over Calgary road's murky origins refuses to die

Could this street really be named after a Montreal Canadiens icon, or is that an apocryphal tale?

Markup on cider in Alberta is higher than for craft beer, local producers want that changed

A Calgary cidery wants to see change in how the province's liquor regulator marks up their product, and say they want to be more in line with the markups that small craft brewers get in Alberta so that the industry can grow.

Hundreds of people helped off Sulphur Mountain after Banff Gondola disabled

Patrons of the Banff Gondola have all been helped off the mountain as of late Tuesday morning after they were marooned both in the gondola cabins and at the summit of Sulphur Mountain's interpretive centre on Monday evening due to a power outage that impacted the lift.

Hundreds of post-secondary students in Calgary hunting for housing as campus residences full

As the fall semester approaches, hundreds of incoming students are without a place to live as campus housing across Calgary is full and the city's competitive rental market persists.

Started out with a flip — how did it end up like this?

Margé Peiterse was told by her doctor she might be concussed after falling out of a dip at a Calgary country bar. Dance instructors in the city say many are unaware of some of the risks that come with more acrobatic moves in western partner dancing.

Beach at 5, rodeo at 9: Coastal cowgirl trend comes to Calgary

Sorting through a sea of online content, there's one hashtag you're bound to end up seeing: #CoastalCowgirl. And in Alberta, the trend bears a familiar look.

What to know before hitting the trails this weekend, and into the summer

With elements like wildfires, smoke, flooding and even snow to consider, this hiking season shouldn’t put you off but preparation is key, say hiking experts.

Missing Canadian soldier finally laid to rest in France after being killed in WW I battle

Members of the Calgary Highlanders flew to France last week to attend the burial of three Canadian soldiers killed in the First World War, including private Harry Atherton.

Will you be my bridesmaid? It'll probably cost you thousands

From dresses to bachelorette parties, group activities to gifts and travel, the costs associated with being a bridesmaid only keep climbing. So how did we get here?