Jason Markusoff

Opinion and Analysis Producer, CBC Calgary

Jason Markusoff analyzes what's happening — and what isn't happening, but probably should be — in Calgary and sometimes farther afield. He's written in Alberta for nearly two decades with Maclean's magazine, the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal. He appears regularly on Power and Politics' Power Panel and various other CBC current affairs shows. Reach him at jason.markusoff@cbc.ca

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Danielle Smith, the pundit turned premier, wants to self-immunize from her opinionated past

Stop scrutinizing her past? Danielle Smith said herself: “I know I’m not a talk show host or media commentator any longer.”

In Danielle Smith era, Premier Notley's tenure now looks peachy

Nearly four years later, most people approve of the NDP leader's performance as premier. And she's running for the job again, opposite an unpopular new premier.

Albertans tire of fights with Ottawa, as Danielle Smith ups the 'anti'

The new premier rose to power promising she'd stand up to Justin Trudeau and pass a Sovereignty Act. That doesn't excite voters like it used to.

If small-town Alberta is wary of Danielle Smith, nothing is a given any more

Poll shows the new premier's UCP behind NDP in Calgary and Edmonton, and with a surprisingly small lead in the rest of Alberta.

Danielle Smith's rough first impression puts Alberta NDP in likely majority territory: new poll

Albertans are in position to deliver a majority government to Rachel Notley's NDP, while the public appears to have deep doubts about the United Conservative Party's new leader, Premier Danielle Smith, according to a new poll commissioned by CBC News.

Danielle Smith in UCP-land: between a rock and a moderate place

New premier's team has begun to understand that the rest of Alberta is now watching, too.

Danielle Smith's cabinet: New doors and handles, but Jason Kenney's frame

For the biggest files, like Finance, Health and Education, the new premier kept Kenney's ministers in place. And she'll expect them to make massive changes.

Why Rachel Notley can't rely on Danielle Smith to stumble her way out of premier's chair

As the campaign approaches, more attention will focus on what Notley is offering. As much as the UCP depicts the party as radical socialists, the NDP could position itself as the party of incrementalism and caution.

Danielle Smith wants vaccine status to be a human right. Expect a petri dish of problems

Want to prevent Alberta employers from requiring vaccines? There's a host of diseases for which the health-care system demands workers immunize, so watch out for what happens if those rules must go.

Now the Danielle Smith Show reckons with a new audience: the Alberta public

The incoming premier has been focused on winning over the United Conservative base and wooing those who loathed COVID rules. The general public likely has other concerns.