Jason Markusoff

Producer and writer

Jason Markusoff analyzes what's happening — and what isn't happening, but probably should be — in Calgary, Alberta and sometimes farther afield. He's written in Alberta for more than two decades, previously reporting for Maclean's magazine, Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal. He appears regularly on Power and Politics' Power Panel and various other CBC current affairs shows. Reach him at jason.markusoff@cbc.ca

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Danielle Smith would never accept Ottawa's oil emissions rules, no matter how flexible

Again and again, Alberta's premier is convinced that climate regulations from Trudeau government are not only economically devastating, but illegal.

With Sovereignty Act, Danielle Smith serves as judge, jury and power company executive

The way Alberta's premier declares federal clean power rules unconstitutional is the provocative part. What she proposes to do with that presumption is worth scrutinizing.

Danielle Smith to invoke Sovereignty Act on Ottawa power rules Monday

Alberta's premier has repeatedly threatened to use her controversial law to resist federal policy. A special resolution to thwart the proposed clean electricity regulations will be introduced Monday.

Preston Manning's fiction made real in his Alberta pandemic report

Before the ex-politician helmed a major review of health emergency management, he wrote about an imagined COVID commission. The reports reach many similar conclusions.

Danielle Smith believes she's found the org chart that saves health care

In the new era Alberta's premier is ushering in, the province's monolithic superagency is getting broken into separate organizations by function.

Danielle Smith's UCP base has big demands. She's wary of going quite that far

Party grassroots want Alberta to follow New Brunswick and Saskatchewan on pronoun policies for trans students. The premier said she'll fight for "parental rights," but doing what base wants would betray her own beliefs.

Alberta UCP activists want 'control' of party board — but to do what with it, exactly?

A surge of conservative activists at this week's party AGM want Danielle Smith's party to hear its voice on medical rights and transgender issues. But a UCP president and executive can't really influence provincial policy, political veterans say.

All aboard Danielle Smith's bullet train to never-ending Alberta super-growth

The premier has Alberta government preparing for the population to double to 10 million by 2050, way above government projections. And, perhaps, a Calgary-Edmonton high-speed train to move all those people.

Danielle Smith's pension numbers suggest bumpy ride for contributors — with cushions removed

Alberta's premier is boasting about a really great figure she can get Albertans onto for a variable-rate mortgage — and a halfway decent one for other Canadians — but she's dealing in the world of pensions that operate in a way more closely resembling conservative fixed rates.

Disagreement over handling of harassment report led to Banff Centre board dismissal

Tensions have embroiled the Banff Centre’s board since late last year, when then-CEO Janice Price filed a workplace harassment complaint against chair Adam Waterous, sources familiar with the matter say.