Helen Pike


Helen Pike joined CBC Calgary as a multimedia reporter in 2018 after spending four years working as a print journalist with a focus on municipal issues. You can find her on Twitter @helenipike.

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'We're seeing them all day every day': Northwest Calgary residents worried about coyotes

Some residents in northwest Calgary are feeling uneasy about coyotes after reports of at least one dog being bitten, daily sightings and some tense moments walking in the area.

Kananaskis Conservation Pass nets zero fines — for now

The days of chancing it and taking a trip to K-country without a Kananaskis Conservation Pass are over soon.

Airdrie replacing some off-peak transit routes with on-demand service

A review of the Airdrie's transit service showed ridership didn't warrant full bus service at certain times of day and on the weekend.

Gardening this year? What to expect as you shop seeds and soil

Now is the time to shop if you're planning a garden. And in greenhouses, while many prices have stayed the same, some garden goods are going for more this year. 

Alberta motorcycle community urges caution as deadly crashes continue

May marks Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time when bike groups and police officials roll out public awareness campaigns to help curb safety issues on the roads. 

Tool helps Calgary homeowners see if solar is a smart financial decision

Companies that install solar power systems are seeing a steady increase in interest as energy prices and awareness sway the market.

With rental vacancy between 1% and 3%, Okotoks market squeezed to its limit

The rental market in Okotoks has always been limited, but with a hot housing market some landlords have decided to sell, making the hunt for an affordable and suitable rental even more difficult.

This Calgarian made sure he'll never miss the bus again — by buying one

This transit enthusiast can now cruise the streets in his own GM 'Fishbowl' bus.

Shaw Millennium park upgrades will include a new climbing feature

Shaw Millennium Park is already one of the largest skateboarding draws in the city. But now, the concrete oasis will make room for a new feature: rocks. 

The number you have dialed is no longer in service: Okotoks loses last payphones

Over the past year, the last two payphones in Okotoks were used for a total of 10 calls.