Helen Pike


Helen Pike led CBC Calgary's mountain bureau in Canmore. She joined CBC Calgary as a multimedia reporter in 2018 after spending four years working as a print journalist with a focus on municipal issues and wildlife. You can find her on Twitter @helenipike.

Latest from Helen Pike

Parks Canada begins work on Yoho National Park fire guard

Workers will fell trees from a 49-hectare area to take fuel away from forested area north of Ross Lake.

New collaborative publication puts mountains on the map for Canadians

Canada's landscape doesn't just feature mountains. A group of researchers have compiled data and stories to show mountainous terrain is at the country's core. 

Hospitality sector optimistic with labour shortage in the Bow Valley worked out

The Job Resource Centre’s fall labour market review highlights how the last six months looked for employees and employers in the Bow Valley; with signs that things have moved from rocky to recovery. 

Canmore developments to move ahead as councillors address angry public

A special meeting of council was marked with emotional speeches, outbursts of applause from spectators and tears. After putting up a fight, councillors were compelled to approve the proposed Three Sisters Mountain Village and Smith Creek projects.

City of Calgary trappers kill two beavers, raising questions from conservation groups

Some residents suggest the deaths could have been avoided and are urging the city to come up with a plan to address future issues between beavers and storm ponds.

'Be prepared to encounter a bear at anytime' in Banff townsite, Parks Canada warns residents

Officials said the warning was posted after reports of multiple bears frequenting the townsite.

Battle of the box elder bugs: what to do when the stinky, messy houseguests move in

Calgarians have noticed more red and black bugs crawling in from outside, but are they bad and destructive? An expert explains.

Bragg Creek beaver problem be damned! Groups turn flood risk into coexistence opportunity

Beavers are a bit compulsive: they hear flowing water, and have to block it up. And that became a bit of a problem in Bragg Creek, where a key road was in danger of being flooded. But some ingenuity may have saved the day.

Lack of snow shuts down Haig Glacier training in Alberta for the first time in program history

Reliable access to summer snow — groomed trails, simple alpine huts to rest your head after a long slosh on skis.  All perched atop a mountain south of Canmore Alta. in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park near Haig Glacier.

Researcher explores relationship between bison, landscape and other creatures in Banff National Park

One of the findings is that the bison are drawn to parts of the park that have repeatedly seen fire.