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Elise Stolte has 15 years of experience telling the stories of her community and has been recognized for feature writing, social-impact and community-based journalism. She previously worked for the Edmonton Journal and joined CBC Calgary this summer.

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Millions of pounds of food 'rescued' as waste diversion pushes food to charity sector

Cellphone apps that make it easier for grocery stores, restaurants and catering companies to donate unsold food to charity have taken off, especially in the last year. It's changing the industry.

Join the effort: Help CBC document the cost of food and share tips for a tough winter

Food prices are rising, and that means a tough winter for many. We're gathering tips, highlighting what works and shining a light on what's happening. Subscribe here for updates and to help.

Calgary's large indoor veggie farms aim to match the price of California imports

Can Calgary cut back on trucking? Fresh herbs grown locally in the winter are now the same price as those imported from California.

Cheap winter gardening is possible even in Alberta — these residents are doing it

Not ready for the fancy hydroponics? These Calgary residents present their DIY takes on winter gardening to get fresh herbs and veggies throughout the cold months.

Fighting food costs: Discount stores turn 'jobbed' veggies into deals

Discount produce stores are popping up across Calgary and some shoppers use them to combat the high cost of food. So where do those cheap deals come from?

Residential school generation forced off reserve again due to funding shortage in long-term care

When today's First Nations elders were young, many were forced to leave their home communities to stay in residential schools. Now that forced exit is happening again, due to a shortage of long-term care beds on some reserves.

Calgary families see roughly $220 added to monthly grocery bill; CBC launches new focus on food cost

Families in Calgary are spending roughly $220 more per month on groceries this year, according to the living wage report out Monday.
Calgary Votes 2021

'2 to 1': Calgary mayor-elect Gondek will be bolstered by majority-progressive council, say pundits

Calgary city hall watchers anticipate a more cohesive city council following Monday's vote, with many newly elected councillors sharing priorities with mayor-elect Jyoti Gondek.

COVID prompts sweep of union activity across Calgary homeless shelters, non-profits

Staff at three sites provincewide just organized; six more union drives are in the works in Calgary. Shelter employees say they need help to cope with trauma experienced on the job and hope this gives them a stronger voice.
Calgary Votes 2021

COVID is the city issue for these voters. But what will that mean for the vote?

These voters say COVID response is their key issue in Calgary's election. Here's how it could shape the outcome Oct. 18.