Elise Stolte


Elise Stolte has 15 years of experience telling the stories of her community and has been recognized for feature writing, social-impact and community-based journalism. She previously worked for the Edmonton Journal and joined CBC Calgary last year. You can reach her at elise.stolte@cbc.ca.

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Insiders warn of crunch coming for Calgary rental market with prices expected to go even higher

"Something's gotta give," says consultant who warns renters that the situation in Calgary is going to get worse. Chris Ollenberger says Canada needs to rethink how it encourages more housing supply.

Finding Home: Understanding housing in Calgary from the ground up

Are you renting? Did you buy? We want to know how housing is working for you.

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When traffic is company: Calgary photographer explores solitude in a family-focused world

Claudia Weis brought the perspective of a single woman renting to the CBC Calgary community photo project, Turn the lens on renting. The exhibit moves to the Genesis Centre this week.

'My story is about the word hope' — Newcomer from Mexico shares story of renting in Calgary's northeast

Ivan Limas was working three jobs to afford rent and other bills for his two-storey Taradale neighbourhood rental. But his story is one of hope, says this CBC Calgary community photographer.

Do you have a story to tell? Our November workshop is open for registrations

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It looks like a festival. But serious 'wellness' work is happening at this summer camp

Mental health therapy done a new way — EthioCare, a small non-profit, says a focus on family wellness and creating space for joy and trust makes the difference.

Coping with adversity. You have a story. Come share it at this CBC writing workshop

Two years of pandemic. Now we're dealing with inflation and a rental shortage … how do you cope? Join us to tell your story at this free CBC Calgary writing workshop in September.

Lessons learned: Calgary police say new enforcement effort on CTrains in the works

For four days leading up to the Calgary Stampede, undercover officers tracked drug deals at CTrain stations. Police say it led to 86 Criminal Code charges and will be a template for a major new enforcement campaign on the system. 

Aging. Are there things you learned along the way? Tell your story at this writing workshop

CBC Calgary is running a personal writing workshop around the theme of aging, hosted by the Kerby Centre. Join us and tell your story.