Duane Bratt

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Duane Bratt is a political scientist at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

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Don't assume Danielle Smith will stop re-litigating COVID if that's what Albertans want

When the new premier despairs over COVID restrictions, she's siding with minority opinion in the province.

What's worse than Premier Kenney calling Danielle Smith's big idea 'nuts'? Her idea

The outgoing premier isn't the right person to criticize a would-be successor's proposal, even if his message is right.

The improbable political comeback of Danielle Smith

Smith did not just retire, she was forced out after one of the biggest betrayals in Canadian political history, writes political scientist Duane Bratt.

Jason Kenney's win-win-win announcement might not give him the big win he needs

Every decision made by Kenney — addressing fuel costs, balancing the budget, dropping COVID restrictions, shuffling the cabinet — all need to be viewed in light of his leadership review on April 9, writes political scientist Duane Bratt.

How Kenney's political ideology is out of touch with Alberta values

“These political ideological notions Kenney has of ‘who we are’, and ‘how we act’, are outmoded. And given the diversity of values held by individuals across the province, applying this flawed all-inclusive vision puts the government out of step with the people,” argues Duane Bratt.

Alberta's Jason Kenney put down a caucus revolt. But he got hurt in the process

Until the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control and Jason Kenney improves his polling and mitigates the internal fissures within the United Conservative Party, the Alberta premier will remain susceptible to further caucus revolts, says political scientist Duane Bratt.

CBC poll results underline how much at stake in upcoming municipal elections

It remains to be seen what impact the UCP strategy of putting an equalization referendum on the ballot will have on conservative voter turnout. The future of the big city councils, and their relationship to the provincial government, may hinge on that question, says political scientist Duane Bratt.

OPINION | On COVID-19, what would Lougheed have done?

If Peter Lougheed had been confronted with COVID-19, he would have likely responded in a very different way than what we are currently seeing, according to political scientist Duane Bratt.

OPINION | CBC News Poll: More autonomy isn't on the agenda for most Albertans, especially given Covid-19

Even before the impact of COVID-19 became clear, before the conciliatory tones at the podiums and this new imperative for interprovincial and federal co-operation, Albertans showed little support for the fair deal proposals.

A divided Alberta was on display at United Conservative Party's AGM

In December, it's usually A Christmas Carol that people recite from Charles Dickens. However, watching this weekend’s United Conservative Party’s AGM, political scientist Duane Bratt says, a different Dickens novel came to his mind.