Drew Anderson

Former CBC digital journalist

Drew Anderson was a digital journalist with CBC Calgary from 2015 to 2021 and is a third-generation Calgarian.

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Calgary's next council faces big, difficult property tax decisions

Business tax relief means the burden has to go somewhere else. Higher property taxes for homeowners puts pressure on individuals. Higher taxes lead to talk of cutting services. All of it can become flashpoints.

Lawyer wants inquiry into alleged threats of retaliation against MLA and CBC journalist by Lethbridge police

A Calgary defence lawyer is calling for a public inquiry into allegations that members of the Lethbridge Police Service have threatened retaliation against NDP MLA Shannon Phillips and CBC journalist Meghan Grant for exposing misconduct within the force.

Jason Kenney survives caucus meeting with leadership review to come

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney faced down a caucus revolt on Wednesday, as factions within his United Conservative Party coalesced in opposition to his leadership — but a reckoning has been put off to another day. 

A reality check on Alberta's path to the devastating 4th wave of COVID

In April, Premier Jason Kenney promised the "best summer in Alberta's history." Five months later, the province's COVID-19 cases have soared, ICUs have filled and public anger has swelled. CBC News asked several experts whether Alberta could have prevented the fourth wave by making different decisions.

Joe Magliocca, Calgary councillor embroiled in expense scandal, seeks re-election

As Calgary readies to elect more first-time councillors that it ever has, a question mark has lingered over a controversial incumbent — Ward 2 Coun. Joe Magliocca. Now that question has been answered.

Alberta MLA accuses government of 'disparaging' the unvaccinated

An Alberta MLA who criticized his colleagues for breaking ranks with Jason Kenney's government has himself taken aim at its new policy on masks and vaccinations. 

The political consequences of Kenney's 4th-wave vacation

In Alberta, COVID-19 hospitalizations are up, case counts are up, and anxiety, too. Schools are reopening, some workplaces are returning, vaccinations are lagging. "Best Summer Ever" hats, meanwhile, are still for sale on the United Conservative Party website. And there sits an empty podium. 

AHS invests $8.3M to hire more full-time paramedics, temporarily

As the province's EMS system struggles to keep up with demand, Alberta Health Services says it is investing $8.3 million to increase full-time employees — temporarily — and will hire more casuals to cover sick time and vacation time. 

UCP MLA Devinder Toor fined $15K by Elections Alberta

Devinder Toor, United Conservative MLA for Calgary-Falconridge, has been fined $15,000 by Elections Alberta for violations both as a nomination candidate and as a candidate in the 2019 provincial election. 

Jeff Davison denies allegations his mayoral campaign tried to circumvent donation rules

Coun. Jeff Davison confronted allegations his Calgary mayoral campaign worked with a third-party advertiser (TPA) to elicit corporate donations, denying wrongdoing while blaming misinformation from other campaigns and an "overly enthusiastic volunteer."