Donna Kennedy-Glans

Donna Kennedy-Glans is a former Progressive Conservative MLA. She spent 28 years in the energy sector, and currently writes the blog Beyond Polarity.

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Albertans don't play the victim card lightly

"We’re at a defining moment for our energy — the energy economy, and our energy as a people,” says Donna Kennedy-Glans.

My father's death, and why we all need to think about what we cost the health-care system

“Certainly, I’m not so hard-hearted as to condemn those with the misfortune to suffer sickness. That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s the expectation of some that they are entitled to every available test, every available procedure, and every new medication.” Former MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans on ideas for fixing Alberta’s healthcare system.

The sexist language of politics: Both men and women need to change

“We can't call men out, and then use sex or sexist language back at them,” writes former MLA Donna Kennedy Glans. “I don't encourage women to grow a thicker skin. To lighten up. But I do encourage them to observe their reactions to both sexist criticism and fawning adoration. To be wary of both. To anticipate both.”

Conservative, Liberal, Progressive? How to define yourself without labels

“Not being a party purist doesn't mean you're a hypocrite, or that you lack integrity. It means you're a moderate. But you don't have to be meek or mild!” Former Progressive Conservative MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans writes on understanding our own political identity, and defining our own political values.