David Bell

Web Journalist

David Bell was the first graduate of Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Communication in Journalism program in June 2009. He has worked full time ever since in print, radio, television and now online. As a Video Journalist based in Moncton, N.B., his work was regularly featured on a national news channel. He brought that experience to the CBC Calgary digital team in 2015.

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Here's why you need to know the difference between hoarfrost and rime ice

When ice forms on a tree, it can make the perfect snap to post to Instagram or Facebook. There may be a tendency to simply call it hoarfrost, which for a social media posting probably doesn’t matter. But in the real world, on the roads, it does matter. A lot.

American charged under Quarantine Act amid accusations he ignored pandemic safety rules in Banff

A man travelling from Alaska to the continental United States has been charged with violating Canada's Quarantine Act amid accusations that he failed to follow COVID-19 public safety rules while in Banff — not just once but twice.

'People are going to die': Sundre dumps fire chief, sparks protest

The chief of a volunteer fire department in a central Alberta town was fired and some of his supporters are red hot with anger.

Food truck helps keep Alberta rodeo star racing during pandemic

An Alberta-based professional barrel racer says a pandemic can be a great time to start a side hustle, with the right strategy and support.

Black advocacy group pulls plug on mural replacement after 'violent vitriol, racism and threats'

A group looking to replace an iconic, 25-year-old mural in the heart of downtown Calgary with Black Lives Matter imagery is dodging violent threats and racist vitriol, the group co-founder says, and has decided to pull the plug.

If this fiddle shows up on Kijiji, call the cops not the 'seller'

What’s worth roughly $10,000 but is invaluable to its owner? A Hopf fiddle that was stolen from a locked Jeep in southeast Calgary on Sunday.

'We want to fix our homes ... before winter kicks in': Calgarians hurt by hail storm call on Kenney for help

The two-month anniversary of a massive Calgary hailstorm that resulted in 70,000 insurance claims is fast approaching and some residents of the affected northeast communities say there’s been little help and support from insurance companies and the Alberta government.

Church restoration after fire illustrates difficult path to reconciliation for Alberta's Stoney people

A 145-year-old southern Alberta church went up in flames three years ago, and now its restoration has ripped open old wounds of residential schools — illustrating two opposing paths in a time of reconciliation.

King penguin chick gets hands-on treatment after egg rolls and cracks on rocks

Caring staff at the Calgary Zoo did what all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn’t in the classic Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme: Put an egg back together again. And it’s not their first rodeo.

Calgary's newest 'urbanist' community breaks ground

Ground was broken and dirt was tossed to launch the start of a new Calgary southwest community Thursday.