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Colleen Underwood has been a reporter/editor with CBC news for more than 10 years filing stories from across southern Alberta for radio, television and online. Follow her on Twitter @cbccolleen.

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Divided by hockey loyalties, Calgary brothers call truce for Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Alberta is sparking a lot of rivalries across the province as fans get set for Game 2 of the Edmonton-Calgary series.

Tribunal orders Town of Canmore to allow Three Sisters Mountain Village projects to move forward

A provincial tribunal has ordered the town of Canmore to allow two major development projects from Three Sisters Mountain Village Properties Ltd. to proceed after council rejected them last year.

Canada's commitment to eradicate hepatitis C hindered by COVID-19, says Calgary doctor

Dr. Sam Lee says a focus on COVID-19 testing, while ignoring other health problems, slowed the testing and treatment of Hep C, which can cause liver cancer and cirrhosis.

Alberta child-care workers offered $7M in support and training for special needs children

The federal government is providing $7 million to cover the cost of specialised training for child-care operators in Alberta — funding staff who work with kids with cognitive or physical disabilities, behavioural issues, or trauma.

Thousands of Calgary kids kick off their first regular outdoor season in two years

This weekend the Calgary Minor Soccer Association is kicking off its first restriction-free, regular, outdoor season since the pandemic hit in 2020.

Calgary veterans hope to find financial 'breathing room' in new affordable housing

Silvera for Seniors is working with the Veterans Association Food Bank to provide an affordable housing option to veterans on a fixed low-income where rental rates are based on 30 per cent of gross income.

Vacationing Calgary couple offer home to stranded Ukrainian traveller

A Ukrainain woman found herself stranded in Cuba, with limited funds and unsure of where to go, because her holiday was ending in just a few days and the airspace over Ukraine was closed to commercial flights. Then, a couple from Calgary made her a life- changing offer to come live with them.

Albertans bring expertise, hope and closure to Ukraine's search for war casualties 

Eight search-and-rescue experts, mostly from central Alberta, are in Kyiv conducting hi-tech search for casualties amongst the rubble.

Drumheller's bargain prices, slower pace, entrepreneurial spirit draw influx of new residents

Canadians no longer consider Drumheller just a summer holiday destination for exploring dinosaur fossils and the hoodoos.

Calgary man wins fight over $630 in suspected fraudulent Visa debit charges, after contacting CBC

Steve Gallant says he uses his Tangerine chequing account for small, indulgent purchases. So, he became concerned last December when he saw a series of transactions totalling $629.90 from an unknown source: T & TEC TBD.