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Colleen Underwood has been a reporter/editor with CBC news for more than 10 years filing stories from across southern Alberta for radio, television and online. Follow her on Twitter @cbccolleen.

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Report finds Chestermere golf course 'not economically viable,' backs up case to redevelop land

A recent feasibility report by MNP shows the Lakeside Greens golf course has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent years, and that because the club is not likely to see membership numbers bounce back, the company is not a viable business in the long term.

Canadian-Cuban family kept apart for nearly a year due to delays in visitor visa application

A southern Alberta man has been going through an "immigration hell," as his lawyer calls it, that has left his common-law wife and two young children stuck in Cuba for almost a year due to delays in federal officials renewing her visa.

First Nations woman to launch a travel app that features Blackfoot historical sites in Canada & U.S.

Souta Calling Last has spent the past four years designing an interactive map of 500 sacred Blackfoot historical sites such as teepee rings and battle grounds in Canada and the United States. She plans to use the map for a travel app that will notify people when they pass near a piece of Blackfoot history.

Transit union says excessive overtime, overloaded buses signal need for change

The union boss representing Calgary transit workers says too much overtime, too many overloaded buses and "no shows" are all signs that more drivers need to return to work after getting laid off last spring due to the pandemic.

Homeless population should be first for Phase 2 of vaccine, says Calgary doctor

As the provincial government sorts out who will be included in the next phase of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, a doctor who works directly with those experiencing homelessness in Calgary is pushing for this population to be first on that list.

Siksika chief says it's a win for First Nation after speed limit along Hwy 901 lowered

Siksika Chief Ouray Crowfoot says he's pleased the southern Alberta First Nation was able to convince the province to lower the speed limit along a deadly highway that runs through the reserve from 100 to 80 km/h.

Siksika urges lower speeds or tolls along highway through its land to prevent more deaths

The southern Alberta First Nation says too many transport vehicles make it unsafe after a pedestrian was killed by a semi last month.

Hanna woman's death in hospital prompts investigations by AHS and RCMP

Cory Ashley believes his wife, Lillian Vanasse, would still be alive if she had received the care the couple had been begging for at the hospital in Hanna, Alta.

$1,500 electrical bill nearly made Enmax customer 'fall with heart attack'

Hugo Paiz says he's gotten the run around, been laughed at, and spent countless hours worrying about his finances during his nearly year-long dispute with Enmax over his January, 2020 bill which saw his electricity charges spike from a typical $80 per month to $1,527.28.

Some Calgary hotels hope to fill 80% vacancy rate by converting to affordable housing

The Calgary Hotel Association says with a historically high vacancy rate of 80 per cent, it knows of at least eight hotels considering converting their buildings to affordable housing to bring in some money while addressing a critical need in the city.