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Bryan Labby is an enterprise reporter with CBC Calgary. If you have a good story idea or tip, you can reach him at or on Twitter at @CBCBryan.

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City moves to expropriate townhouse complex in Eau Claire to make way for Green Line LRT

The River Run townhouse complex in Eau Claire is not yet 30 years old, but it will soon be demolished to make way for a new underground LRT station.

Impact of inflation is harsher in Alberta, says economist. Pins blame on population boom

The population boom in Alberta has depressed wages and means the impact of inflation is being felt more acutely here than anywhere else in Canada, says a local economist. Charles St-Arnaud, chief economist with Alberta Central, said people in Alberta are paying the same increased prices for things like groceries, gas and household goods.

'Life's too short' — Calgary's live entertainment industry dials back killer schedule

Performers say Calgary's live entertainment industry has finally dialed back its expectations and demanding schedules after years of just talking about it. Thank the pandemic for that, says Theatre Calgary director Alex Currie.

Calgary's population surge: New arrivals struggle while 110,000 more expected by 2027

So many people have been moving to Calgary recently that some Ukrainian newcomers have spent multiple nights at the airport before finding a place to crash, says one community leader.

Dangerous goods move through Calgary daily. What's the plan in the event of a disaster?

A toxic train derailment some 3,200 kilometres away from Calgary is putting a spotlight on the types of dangerous goods that roll through Canadian towns and cities.

Alberta needs an extra 20,000 homes to maintain affordability, but how do we get there?

For builders, developers and Calgarians looking for more affordable places to live, Jan. 17 could possibly be remembered as a milestone in the way the city plans and manages new growth in older neighbourhoods.

It's 'confidential.' Alberta won't say if overdose response app is saving lives

Nearly two years after the launch of an overdose prevention app, the Alberta government refuses to say whether the Digital Overdose Response System is saving lives.

Alberta made it tough to sell catalytic converters to scrap metal dealers. What's happened since?

Eric Grand-Maison says buying and recycling old catalytic converters used to make up a big part of his business. But since the provincial government put in new rules for sellers and buyers, sales have cooled considerably.

Red Deer businesses struggle with ongoing shortage of workers

"We've got quite a few businesses that are struggling to find people, especially in the service industry, the construction industry, those types of industries," said Scott Robinson, the CEO of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce.

Fighting high prices, food insecurity: Discount sellers say it's been a difficult, demanding year

It's been a year of increasing growth and demand for agencies that are helping feed Calgarians in the face of rising food prices — the highest price increases seen in nearly half a century.