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Notley seen as political leader most responsible for pushing Trans Mountain pipeline ahead, new poll suggests

A new poll conducted for CBC News suggests 42 per cent of Albertans think Premier Rachel Notley is the politician most responsible for pushing the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion ahead.

Here's what makes Albertans more likely to vote for the NDP, the UCP or another party

Some fancy statistical work reveals factors that influence how we're likely to cast ballots, come election time.

Derek Fildebrandt, 'the mosquito … they just can't quite kill': MLA amps up the frank talk after UCP ouster

The outspoken Alberta MLA has been growing increasingly vocal since being shunned by the party he fought to found — including suggesting it's time for Alberta to renegotiate Confederation and describing "shame" in the eyes of his former UCP colleagues over the NDP's abortion clinic safe-zone bill.

We want it all: Albertans expect low taxes, balanced budgets and no service cuts

While almost 58 per cent Albertans want a balanced budget, a large number also don’t want to pay more taxes or cut spending on social programs such as health and education. It’s a fiscal course difficult to reconcile.

United Conservative Party on track to win big in Alberta, says poll

One and done. With many voters still pessimistic about the economy, Albertans look set to kick out NDP and return to conservative rule.

Nearly half of Albertans have trouble paying their bills. Only one-quarter think NDP can get a pipeline built

Forty-seven per cent of people in Alberta who responded to a poll commissioned by CBC News think pipelines or the economy are the most important issues facing Alberta. Other issues like education and health care don’t even come close.
In Depth

Teasing the numbers in our Road Ahead poll

We will be telling the stories of the poll, and what people in our province think, beginning this Wednesday and running for just over a week.

Alberta spends $2.4M an hour on health care —​ here's what's being done to reduce it

Since getting elected, the NDP has slowed the annual increase in health-care spending to 3.5 to four per cent. Next year, the health budget will grow by three per cent. Brooks DeCillia looks at what the Alberta government has done to trim those costs.

The Road Ahead: All about the Alberta budget

These aren't your typical stories. They delve into the details in a way the daily news cycle can't. They embrace complexity and explore ideas. They raise questions but don't necessarily offer answers. They aim to be a catalyst for discussion.

We need to have a 'difficult conversation' about Alberta's health-care costs

The governing New Democrats have promised to end deficit spending by 2023-24. A potentially big part of meeting that goal likely involves slowing health spending.