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Black bear killed by unknown vehicle, 2 cubs left behind as wildlife experts express safety concerns

The situation looks dire for the baby bear cubs, according to wildlife experts, who believe that they need to be rescued and rehabilitated as soon as possible.

New Blackfoot language signs coming to southern Alberta

Launched as a collaboration between an economic development group called the SouthGrow Regional Initiative and Kainaiwa, Community Futures Lethbridge Region, Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance, and Tourism Lethbridge, the pilot project hopes to spread awareness about the importance of preserving the Blackfoot language in communities across Alberta.

'It remains undocumented': Why a historian is looking for an artist linked to an iconic restaurant

Harry Sanders, a Calgary-based historian, wants to locate the artist who once designed a unique 3D replica of the Indian monument, the Taj Mahal, for a local restaurant of the same name.

'The wilderness is really special': The story behind an 8-year-old's mission to climb 8 mountains

Karina Eustace-Wallis felt like it was time to push herself to achieve an ambitious goal — climbing eight mountains before her eighth birthday. The eight-year-old Calgarian had seen her mom challenge herself and felt inspired to do the same.

Calgary city council to hold special meeting to address 'housing crisis'

According to a new report, Calgarians now need an average household income of $156,000 to buy their first detached home. Meanwhile, purchasing an apartment in the city requires a household income of $70,800.

'Your job is to be in tune with the land': A day in the life of a fire lookout

Alberta has around 100 lookout stations — each location is equipped with a fire spotter who tries to identify smaller wildfires before they become a larger threat.

Calgary school boards ramp up hiring ahead of fall semester

Two of Calgary's largest school boards are in the midst of filling vacant teaching positions ahead of the fall semester, after the provincial government increased funding for the effort.

'We absolutely need fosters': Animal rescue organizations highlight challenges as demand increases

Animal rescue agencies in Calgary are fighting hard to keep things running smoothly as the total number of surrendered pets and rescued animals continues to rise, pushing an already overburdened system to the brink.

How a 103-year-old poker player is keeping his love for the game alive

Dong Nguyen has a simple routine that he likes to follow on most days. The 103-year-old Calgarian heads out to a local casino with his son for a few hours to play his favorite game — Texas hold 'em poker.

How a food rescue program in Cochrane helps those facing food insecurity

A food rescue program in Cochrane, Alta., has managed to achieve a new milestone — more than $1 million worth of food has been saved from being discarded and has made its way to the homes of those who need it most.