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Bill Graveland is a Calgary-based reporter for The Canadian Press.

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'This is torture': Proposed law in Montana looms over Canadian on death row

Ronald Smith, 63, originally from Red Deer, Alta., has been on death row in Montana for 38 years. His fate could become more tenuous as the state gets closer to removing obstacles that prevent it from resuming executions.

Alberta judge explains why murder suspect was told to remove his mask during trial

"Absent the pandemic, the visible face of the accused is a normal part of the trial process," said Justice Douglas Mah.

Deadline approaching: Ottawa wants answer from Prairies on AgriStability program

The federal government wants a yes or no from the three Prairie provinces on proposed upgrades to a program that protects farmers against large declines in income.

Some Humboldt Broncos families angry over lawyer's request to delay one lawsuit until another is ready

A battle between lawsuits related to the Humboldt Broncos bus crash is to be heard in a Regina courtroom this week. Lawyers for a proposed class-action lawsuit plan to ask a judge Friday to delay a separate suit filed by five of the victims' families. The possible delay has some of the families frustrated.

'Something much bigger:' Calgary pet charity hopes to expand to keep kids with pets

A mother whose family has been struggling financially and emotionally is giving thanks to a pet charity that helped pay for medical treatment for their injured cat during a particularly dark time.

'A blessing:' Paralyzed Humboldt Bronco finds way back on the ice during COVID-19

Since the bus crash that killed 16 people and injured a dozen others, Straschnitzki's focus has been on making the national sledge hockey team and winning a gold medal for Canada at the Paralympic Games

Suspect in Alberta doctor's death won't have a lawyer in November trial

A four-week jury trial for a man accused in the killing of a family doctor at a medical clinic in central Alberta has been scheduled for November.

'Pacemaker for the spine' helps paralyzed Calgary doctor control his blood pressure

A paralyzed Calgary doctor has gone from performing surgery to being a participant in a research study to help those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Too many new pet owners, not enough vets make getting animal care a problem

Dr. Liz Ruelle says it was a difficult decision to close her veterinary practice to first-time patients after being swamped with requests by new pet owners who turned to animal companionship during the pandemic.

Food waste + fly larvae = millions of dollars for this facility north of Calgary

Enterra Feed Corp. last year opened a 17,500-square-metre production facility, about the size of three football fields. It's been producing insect-based feed ingredients out of the Rocky View plant for the pet food, poultry and wild bird markets in North America and Europe.