Andrew Leach

Freelance contributor

Andrew Leach is an energy and environmental economist and a professor at the University of Alberta, with a joint appointment in the Department of Economics and the Faculty of Law.

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'Just transition' is not the oil sector's doom, Premier Smith. It's the insurance policy

To attack the idea is to miss the serious discussion that federal and provincial leaders should be having about workers' future in a low-carbon world.

Danielle Smith has a big idea to clean up oil and gas wells. It's all kinds of messy

Alberta's new premier wants to give companies royalty breaks to do something they're already required to do, writes economist Andrew Leach.

Why the Jasons Kenney of the past would thunder over Alberta's 'Bitumen Boondoggle'

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has done many things in government that would come as a great surprise to the Jasons Kenney of the past, but perhaps none so much as the decision to purchase a 50 per cent interest in the Sturgeon Refinery, writes Andrew Leach, an energy and environmental economist at the University of Alberta.

How the inspiration for Jason Kenney's inquiry into un-Albertan activities came to be so (mis)understood

Vivian Krause, the erstwhile detective who inspired Premier Jason Kenney's beleaguered inquiry into un-Albertan activities, is back in the news insisting she never said U.S. commercial interests were behind a campaign against the oilsands. The confusion lies in that what she's said isn't what people heard, writes economist Andrew Leach.

U.S. climate summit: Canada needs new and better policies, not another round of target bingo

The fundamental problem with agreeing to reduce our emissions by the same percentage as the U.S. is that we’d require more stringent policies to reach that outcome, says economist Andrew Leach.

Supreme Court carbon tax ruling: The last ride of the resistance?

Those pushing for better and more stringent climate policy should savour a big win. But they should also start getting ready for the next fight, says energy economist Andrew Leach.

OPINION | On COVID-19, Jason Kenney refuses to take responsibility

The man who demands you take personal responsibility for your health in a pandemic refuses even the smallest measure of it for himself or his government.

OPINION | This 'Bitumen Boondoggle' is costing Alberta taxpayers billions

The Sturgeon Refinery contract is a multibillion-dollar bet against pipelines getting built. By investing in the KXL pipeline, the Alberta government also has a multibillion-dollar direct bet on at least one pipeline getting built. So we’re guaranteed to lose billions either way, writes Andrew Leach, an energy and environmental economist at the University of Alberta.

OPINION | The fiasco that is Alberta's energy 'war room'

In the grand scheme of government, $30 million per year might not seem like a lot, but you can do a lot with that much money when it comes to energy information. What's the Canadian Energy Centre doing?

OPINION | Alberta's TIER regulations good on electricity, not so good on oilsands

Andrew Leach says the province's new greenhouse gas emissions policy is not the complete abdication of action on climate change that many expected.