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Christmas turkeys expected to be harder to find and pricier

Canadians appear to be scrambling to secure that perfect poultry well in advance of Christmas dinner. Industry experts say the country's turkey stocks are at 30-year-lows, a fact that is being complicated by the supply chain headaches across the country.

Hate robocallers? CRTC says telcos have until the end of the month to help you ID them

Canada's telecommunications regulator is mandating that telecom companies implement new technology aimed at bringing Canadians some relief from spoof and fraudulent phone calls.

Edmonton's Nabati Foods racing to bring plant-based 'egg' to global markets

"It's simulating an egg. That's what you can do. I'm not God, it's not at that level," Nabati Foods CEO Ahmad Yehya said. "But we can get as close as possible, and as we continue developing our product, it will only get better."

Hay West asks for federal funds to help ship winter feed for desperate Prairie livestock producers

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture is seeking financial support for its Hay West initiative, which aims to ship donated hay from Maritime farmers to drought-affected Prairie provinces.

MEG Energy CEO doesn't expect Line 5 dispute to hurt ability to move heavy oil

The chief executive of MEG Energy said Tuesday he doesn't expect the ongoing dispute between Canada and the U.S. over the Line 5 cross-border pipeline to hurt his company's ability to move heavy oil to the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Shell to partner with renewables firm on solar farm near Edmonton

Shell Canada and its North American solar platform Silicon Ranch have announced plans to build a 58-megawatt solar farm adjacent to Shell's Scotford refinery and chemicals park near Edmonton.

Global energy crisis the result of 'underinvestment': Enbridge CEO

Soaring heating prices in Europe and an electricity crisis in China are proof that the global transition to a low-carbon economy needs to be driven by a "mix of balanced policy solutions," the chief executive of pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. said Friday.

Oilpatch leaders fear 'reckless' move as Trudeau commits to emissions cap on sector

The federal government must work co-operatively with industry as it looks to draft an emissions cap for the oil and gas sector, Alberta business leaders said Monday, or risk far-reaching consequences for the Canadian economy.

As UN climate conference begins, Alberta has much on the line

As world leaders descend on Glasgow this week for the start of the 2021 UN Climate Conference, Alberta — the Canadian jurisdiction with perhaps the most on the line — will be watching.

Beef a bigger challenge than oil and gas when it comes to tackling methane emissions, experts say

As Canada doubles down on efforts to reduce harmful methane emissions, experts say one of the trickiest hurdles standing in the way is the burping cow.