Ramp vanishes from southeast Calgary park as mysteriously as it appeared

The tiny structure first appeared on the grass of a small park in Auburn Bay back in December.

Illegal wood ramp was gone when city crews went to pick it up Tuesday

Whoever put up this ramp in Auburn Bay was given until Tuesday by the city to take it down. (Helen Pike/CBC)

An illegal wooden ramp has vanished from a Calgary park, just as mysteriously as it showed up.

The tiny structure first appeared on the grass of a small park in Auburn Bay back in December.

When City of Calgary officials discovered it last week, they gave whoever left it there until Tuesday to pack it up — or the city would be forced to remove it. 

The community association posted on social media, attempting to reach the owner, with no luck.

But when city workers showed up on Tuesday to take it down — it was gone.

"I don't know who removed it, it wasn't park staff. I'm assuming it was likely the person who placed it there. So all is well," said John Merriman, with the city.

Merriman said a city bylaw prevents homemade jumps and ramps in parks, because it can be a safety issue.

"At the end of the day it needs to be safe. It needs to be appropriate. We don't want other park users to get harmed. We certainly don't want any of the kids using something like a ramp to get injured. "

Carla Obuck, the vice president of the Auburn Bay community association, says the community can apply for a mobile skate park, but that application won't bring a park to their community until next summer.

Obuck says they need volunteers to roll up their sleeves and advocate for these types of play places.


  • Initially this story identified the community as Arbour Lake, when it in fact is Auburn Bay.
    May 19, 2019 12:41 PM MT

With files from Helen Pike


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