Aubrey Levin remains on bail as appeal court ponders request

Former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin who was convicted of sexually assaulting three of his patients was in a Calgary courtroom today asking Alberta's Court of Appeal for a new trial.

Former court psychiatrist appealing 5-year sentence for sexually assaulting patients

Aubrey Levin awaits appeal decision

CBC News: Calgary at 6:00

8 years ago
The former court psychiatrist has appealed his five-year sentence for sexually assaulting three patients. 1:44

Former court psychiatrist Aubrey Levin, who was convicted of sexually assaulting three of his patients, was in a Calgary courtroom today asking Alberta's Court of Appeal for a new trial.

The three justices presiding over the case are now considering whether or not to grant his request. Levin remains on bail until the decision has been made.

Defence arguments today largely focused on the credibility of the Crown's key witness and questioned his motivation for coming forward, given he's launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Levin.

Levin — who is in his 70s — was released on bail in February after being sentenced to five years behind bars.

He was originally charged with sexually assaulting a patient in 2010 after the man who can only be identified as RB under a court order came forward with video he had secretly taken during an appointment.

The video shows the Levin fondling RB.

Levin denies wrongdoing

Soon after, a tip line was set up by police and that's when several other former patients came forward with their own complaints.

The former psychiatrist has denied the allegations and claimed he was conducting examinations to help with sexual dysfunction.

Levin went to trial on nine counts of sexual assault and was eventually found guilty on three charges.

There were many twists and turns during the trial that was originally set for six weeks but lasted three months.

It was delayed when Levin fired his lawyer, when he was hospitalized and when a juror was dismissed.

The juror alleged Levin's wife Erica tried to bribe her to acquit her husband outside the courthouse. She is now awaiting trial for obstruction of justice. 


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