Police watchdog charges Calgary officer who struck man with patrol vehicle in 2019 arrest

A former Calgary officer has been charged after he struck a man with a police vehicle during an arrest in 2019.

The man ran from officers after rummaging through donation bins, said ASIRT

A former Calgary officer has been charged after he struck a man with a police vehicle during an arrest in 2019.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT), which investigates police incidents that result in death or serious injury, outlined the sequence of events in a news release Monday.

On Sept. 7, 2019, officers encountered two men rummaging through donation bins behind a Salvation Army Thrift Store at 3200 17th Ave. S.E.

When police checked their identities, one tried to flee on foot, ASIRT said.

While one officer chased after the man, the other followed in a police vehicle. As the man ran through a parking lot, he was struck by the officer driving the vehicle.

The man was taken into custody. He had sustained several broken ribs and a fractured right wrist during the incident.

It was also determined the man had been wanted on a Canada-wide warrant, ASIRT said. 

ASIRT began the investigation on Sept. 9, 2019, and gathered enough evidence to believe offences had been committed by the officer.

The investigation was forwarded to the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service, which agreed the evidence met its standard for prosecution. 

Following this review, Susan Hughson, ASIRT executive director, determined the officer should be charged.

On Friday, former constable Lyndon Moore was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon (the vehicle), assault causing bodily harm, and operating a vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public causing bodily harm.

He was released on appearance notice and is set to make his first appearance in court on Dec. 8.

Since the incident is now before the courts, ASIRT said no further information would be released.


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