Sgt. Anthony Braile fired by Calgary police for high-speed chase

For only the second time in 20 years, a Calgary police officer has been fired from the service after causing injuries to a cab driver in a high-speed chase.

Sgt. Anthony Braile responsible for initiating chase that resulted in cab driver being seriously injured

Sgt. Anthony Braile was fired from the Calgary Police Service after a disciplinary hearing when the presiding officer found he was responsible for multiple regulation offences. (Carmen Millet/G20 citizen blogger)

For only the second time in 20 years, a Calgary police officer has been fired from the service.

Following a disciplinary hearing, Sgt. Anthony Braile was dismissed last Wednesday after admitting to nine counts of professional misconduct and was found to have committed several Police Service Regulation offences.

Braile was responsible for initiating a high-speed chase that was contrary to police policy that resulted in a cab driver being seriously injured.

Braile was a supervisor in District 2 in December 2008. He pulled over a suspected drunk driver who then sped away.

Despite calling the incident into dispatch and telling the operator he was not following the truck, Braile chased the vehicle for 58 minutes, which is contrary to CPS policy.

At times the vehicles reached speeds of 145 km/h through residential communities and the downtown core in weather conditions described in a written release as "less than favourable."

At one point, Braile used an internal messaging system to order a unit under his command help with the chase.

A cab driver was seriously injured when the vehicles were driving the wrong way on Fifth Avenue S.W. and the truck t-boned the taxi.

At the scene of the crash, Braile "provided misleading and incomplete information" to other responding officers.

Braile ultimately pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving under the Traffic Safety Act in 2013.

He had been off on leave prior to this incident and it had been recommended he be placed on administrative duty upon his return, according to a CBC source.