Andrew Leach

Andrew Leach is an energy and environmental economist and is an associate professor at the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. He is also studying for an LLM in the faculty of law at the U of A.

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OPINION | This 'Bitumen Boondoggle' is costing Alberta taxpayers billions

The Sturgeon Refinery contract is a multibillion-dollar bet against pipelines getting built. By investing in the KXL pipeline, the Alberta government also has a multibillion-dollar direct bet on at least one pipeline getting built. So we’re guaranteed to lose billions either way, writes Andrew Leach, an energy and environmental economist at the University of Alberta.

OPINION | The fiasco that is Alberta's energy 'war room'

In the grand scheme of government, $30 million per year might not seem like a lot, but you can do a lot with that much money when it comes to energy information. What's the Canadian Energy Centre doing?

OPINION | Alberta's TIER regulations good on electricity, not so good on oilsands

Andrew Leach says the province's new greenhouse gas emissions policy is not the complete abdication of action on climate change that many expected.

OPINION | Election 2019: A national reckoning on climate change

In his final look at the climate policies on offer in this election campaign, energy and environmental economist Andrew Leach compares three very different visions of Canada's energy future

OPINION | Liberals' climate balancing act: The world is watching

Trudeau's climate platform needs to make the case for his policies to Canadians and, if it fails to do so effectively, it will have implications far beyond our borders.

OPINION | NDP climate plan tries (and fails) to carve out middle ground

As part of his ongoing series evaluating all the major federal parties' climate plans, economist Andrew Leach says the policies identified in the NDP plan might be popular, but they simply won’t generate the levels of emissions reductions promised.

OPINION | What's really holding back the oilsands? It's not the bill of goods you're being sold

There are four major issues affecting the oilsands: declining price outlooks, market access, a reduction in investment and climate change pressures.

OPINION | Conservative climate plan is cloaked in mystery, choked with irony

Andrew Scheer's plan offers more questions than answers, questions to which provincial leaders and Canada's business community would be demanding answers, if they thought he was serious about implementing it.

OPINION | Greens' climate plan adds up to Mission: Improbable

Andrew Leach says the Green Party's new climate plan would radically transform Canada's economy in a frighteningly short period of time.