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Amy Tucker has experience reporting in various parts of Southern Alberta and is currently based in Calgary. She can be reached at

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Rise in sea level from ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica match worst-case scenario: study

A recent study says melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are the main contributor to sea level rise around the world and the rate of their melt matches the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's worst-case climate warming scenarios.

Dog seized, man charged after 'vicious' attack kills pooch in Thorncliffe

A woman says stricter rules for pet owners are needed after her dog was attacked on Wednesday evening by a "vicious" dog and its owner fled the scene.

Black law school applicants will have option of new admission process at University of Calgary

There's a new admissions process for Black law school applicants at the University of Calgary, a move that follows the call to action by the Calgary chapter of the Black Law Students Association to address systemic racism in law.

Canmore man returns to mountain where he lost his wife to an avalanche in January

Adam Campbell returned last weekend to the exact spot on Mount Hector in Banff National Park where his wife was fatally injured in an avalanche nearly eight months ago.

Wildfires can be hard to reach. So this Okotoks company started using drones to help fight them

With hot and dry summers becoming more common, the Okotoks-based company is using its drone technology to help fight wildfires.

CBE and Catholic school board put high school sports on pause due to COVID-19

Calgary students who play high school sports will have to wait to find out if their season is a go — the Calgary Senior High School Athletic Association says sports teams are on pause for now.

Pilot project aims to turn orphan oil well sites into solar project

The RenuWell Project has had a pilot approved to convert a few sites in the Municipal District of Taber to small scale solar arrays.

'It was embarrassing, to say the least': MLAs react to premier's move to boot cabinet minister

Two days after cabinet minister Katrina Nokleby was stripped of her portfolios, MLAs took to social media to express their shock at the premier's sudden move. The premier, too, posted a video on Facebook with comments.

This 73-year-old documented 150 days of dinner outfits during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic didn't stop Calgarian Patricia Cavill from getting all dressed up for dinner at home.

Fresh water is pouring into the Arctic Ocean. Climate change is to blame, new study says

The surface of the Arctic Ocean is not as salty as it used to be — and researchers say climate change is to blame.

A group of international researchers has mapped more of the Arctic Ocean floor than ever before

The Arctic ocean floors just got a little less mysterious now that a team of international researchers has compiled the most detailed map of the Arctic seabed to date.

Schitt's Creek actor helps ramp up donations for Yellowknife organizations

Dustin Milligan, who plays Ted Mullens on Schitt's Creek, celebrated his 35th birthday on Tuesday and had fans donate to three organizations in his hometown of Yellowknife.

'An honour': Edmonton Oilers defenceman wears jersey with Cree syllabics

Edmonton Oilers defenceman Ethan Bear paid homage to his nation by wearing a jersey with his name written in Cree syllabics during Tuesday's game against the Calgary Flames. The 23-year-old is from the Ochapowace Nation in southern Saskatchewan.

Gwich'in voters can cast ballots over the phone in upcoming election

People will now be able to call in their vote in the upcoming Gwich’in Tribal Council election in September.

Why a Fort Simpson man is transforming his mother's house into an assisted living facility

Madeline Nelner always invited people into her home when they had nowhere else to go. And now, even after the 93-year-old died in 2018, her home will be used for just that.