Allergy sufferers prepare for bad, early season

If you're feeling miserable right now, you're not alone. Allergy season has hit hard and early in Calgary this year.

If your allergies are particularly bad right now, you're not alone

Experts say it will be an early and long allergy season. (iStock)

If you're feeling miserable right now — you're not alone. Allergy season has hit hard and early in Calgary this year.

Allergists say much of the problem can be blamed on the weather.

"It's an lengthy season. It's early this year and it's heavy this year because of the dry, warm spring that we've been having," said Dr. Tom Bowen, an allergist at the University of Calgary.

Bowen says without rain to clear the air, pollen is blown around, making allergies — particularly hay fever — even worse.  

"The allergies are certainly impressive this year. We've had a very warm, early spring and a very mild winter. The trees have come out early. The grasses are clearly out there now and the dandelions are going wild, so it's clearly an early pollen season," said Bowen.

Calgary pharmacist Jocelyn St. Amour also sees her fair share of stuffy noses and water eyes. 

"It's not so much that we had so much snow melting, which is usually the issue this time of year, but new plants are coming up," said Amour.

Experts say if the weather stays warm and dry, the summer grass allergy season will likely be bad too.


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