Alberta parent urges back to basics for math in schools

An Alberta woman has started a petition urging tbe province to change the curriculum to emphasize basic math skills.

Nhung Tran-Davies starts petition to change province's math curriculum

Canadian students are losing ground in both math and science versus their international peers, according to a study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. (iStock)

A petition started by a woman in Calmar to change Alberta's math curriculum has already attracted more than 2,000 signatures.

Nhung Tran-Davies is the mother of a Grade 3 student. She started the petition after an international study measuring the abilities of Canadian students showed them losing ground in both math and science.

Nhung Tran-Davies' petition calls on Alberta to emphasize basic math skills. (

Tran-Davies says her daughter is already struggling in math and she believes the curriculum needs to be simplified.

"I think the new curriculum over complicates the basics and it takes away the emphasis from practice, from memory work, hence not allowing the children to master the fundamentals," she said.

Tran-Davies said children need to spend more time practising equations and solutions.

The province is reviewing the math curriculum and Tran-Davies hopes the government will make the changes she is seeking for the next school year.

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