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'Free for all' on city streets as police warn there's no road-side test for pot impairment

How concerned are police and doctors that we don't seem to have a road-side test for measuring impairment from marijuana? Representatives from the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police and Canadian Medical Association gave us an earful of concerns.

Edmonton MLA wants to protect Albertans from shoddy auto repairs

Edmonton-Meadowlark MLA Jon Carson has put forward a private member's bill that would force repair shops to provide warranties on all parts and labour for 90 days or 5,000 kilometres.

Fort McMurray man wins 'hoser' award for outdoor rink

A Fort McMurray man has been awarded a bizarre yet well-earned title: Great Canadian Hoser.

alberta@noon panel: How can Fort McMurray move beyond boom and bust?

Donna McElligott, host of CBC Radio One's alberta@noon, led a panel discussion on Thursday, asking how Fort McMurray and Alberta in general can move beyond the boom-and-bust cycle.

Owl attacks Red Deer skier twice

A Red Deer cross-country skier was attacked by an owl while skiing near Heritage Ranch, resulting in a sore neck and several scalp puncture wounds.

Off-road vehicle ban called for in Alberta's parks and public places

Kevin Van Tighem, representing a coalition of individuals and environmental groups, is calling on the provincial government to regulate land use to protect Alberta's waters and wildlife.

Albertans weigh in on teen drinking in family home

Adults weigh in on Alberta@Noon about whether underage boozing is acceptable if it happens under the watchful eye of parents.

Salt is worse than sugar, says Canada's leading sodium doctor

If sugar doesn’t kill you, salt could. A Calgary doctor says more than two million Canadians have hypertension due to excess sodium in their diet.

Alberta farm family eating like pioneers for a year

Inspired by her homesteading greatgrandfather, Shannon Ruzicka and her family are not buying food for year and only eating what they grow.

Workplace expert says companies need to keep the office Christmas party

There's no need for companies to act like Scrooge when it comes to company holiday parties. One workplace expert has some insightful tips that might bring people some cheer.

Alberta@Noon asks Twittersphere to finish the sentence: 'You Might Be From Alberta If...'

Alberta@Noon asks people to finish the sentence, 'You Might Be From Alberta If...'

RCMP dad busts a move in after-school dance party video

RCMP officer Robert Hynes started doing after-school dance parties for his children, who were having a tough time adjusting to their new school.

The Ellen Show hosts Grande Prairie handwalker Damon Fraser

Grande Prairie's Damon Fraser appeared on The Ellen Show this week, impressing the audience by walking up the stairs on his hands.

Syncrude blue heron deaths: A look at 'the royalty of our wetlands'

The author of Birds of Alberta on the recent deaths of great blue herons at Syncrude's Mildred Lake facility and how they fit into the provincial ecosystem.

85-year-old weightlifter from Alberta sets 3 world records

There's a pretty good chance that Joe Stockinger is in better shape and can lift more weight than you — that's despite the fact he's also 85.