Alberta flood anniversary: Your photos and CBC coverage

The devastation from flooding last June in southern Alberta can still be seen nearly a year later. Join CBC Calgary this week as we look back at last year's flood and how it forever changed Calgary and southern Alberta.

Join CBC as we explore how last year's floods forever changed Calgary and southern Alberta


  • Due to new flooding in southern Alberta, CBC Calgary has changed our Wednesday and Thursday coverage
  • CBC Calgary co-anchor Rob Brown will be live from the Oldman Dam Wednesday
  • CBC Calgary co-anchor Rosa Marchitelli will be live in Claresholm Thursday

The devastation from flooding last June in southern Alberta can still be seen nearly a year later.

  • CBC Calgary asked our viewers to share their images of last year's flood. Scroll through the gallery above to see a sample of what was submitted.

CBC Calgary will be looking at the impact of one of the worst natural disasters this province has ever seen this week in the lead up to the anniversary on Friday. 

We will have features on CBC Radio One, CBC television and online at our Alberta Flood: One Year Later website.

  • Monday: CBC television will be live in Canmore and taking a look at how the flood damage could have been worse. The Calgary Eyeopener will talk with a hydrologist about the various flood mitigation projects going on in Calgary. The Homestretch will talk to an Exshaw flood victim on their struggles with the province's Disaster Recovery Program. And online we delve into the numbers surrounding the flood one year later.
  • Tuesday: CBC television and the Calgary Eyeopener will visit Calgary's Roxboro neighbourhood to see what impact the flood has had. The Homestretch will look at changes to insurance policies. Online we will check back in with our bloggers from High River to see how the community is coping.
  • Wednesday: CBC television and the Homestretch will be in Siksika looking at how the flood has complicated housing concerns for First Nation communities. The Calgary Eyeopener looks at the tale of two neighbours affected by the flood and their different experiences. Online looks at why June is such a rainy month every year.
  • Thursday: CBC television will be live in Bowness and, along with the Homestretch, will analyze how the flood has changed the way we build. The Calgary Eyeopener delves into the world of disaster preparations. Online will check back in with the person photographed in one of the most iconic photos of the flood.
  • Friday: Our flood special will air live at 6 p.m. MT from Crescent Heights in Calgary and from High River. The 45-minute TV show, local radio programs and online will delve into what would happen today if another flood took place, financial pressures of the flood, the lives claimed by the rushing floodwaters, what has changed in the last year and the impact of upstream dams. CBC will also have coverage from Calgary's flood commemoration ceremony and feature interviews.