Alberta Flood Aid broadcast blackout sparks outrage

The Alberta Flood Aid concert broadcast came to an abrupt stop prior to Nickelback's performance, leaving many people watching at home wondering what happened. The reaction on social media was swift and intense.

Nickelback performs for live audience, but TV viewers were abruptly cut off at charity concert

Singer Chad Kroeger and drummer Daniel Adair of Nickelback perform at the Juno Awards in 2012. (Arthur Mola/Associated Press file photo)

The organizers of the Alberta Flood Aid concert say attacks on social media against the headliners of the event should not mar what was a fantastic night.

More than $1.5 million was raised when a number of big Canadian music stars — including Jann Arden, Randy Bachman, Tom Cochrane and Colin James — donated their time to raise money for flood victims.

The sold-out concert at McMahon Stadium was televised, but event broadcaster Telus says headliners Nickelback didn't sign the release form that would have allowed their performance to be broadcast. The telecast cut out just before Nickelback took to the stage.

But concert organizer Peter Jurisic says it wasn't the band's fault.

"It was always intended that the last part of the show — the headlining act, whoever it was, because we were playing with a whole bunch of names — would always just be for the people in the stadium," he said. "If we didn't communicate that well enough, I take full responsibility for it."

Jurisic says Nickelback spent three days in Calgary getting ready for the concert. As well, the lead singer cut short his honeymoon and the band disrupted its tour in order to help out with the event.