Alberta couple rescued after 3 days in B.C. backcountry

A southern Alberta couple who had been missing for days managed to get a very broken radio transmission to RCMP with enough details so they could be found Tuesday evening in B.C.'s Elk Valley area.

A southern Alberta couple who had been missing for three days in B.C.'s Elk Valley area were found Tuesday evening after they managed to make a very broken radio transmission to RCMP.       

Jacob and Anja Oosterwijk from Fort Macleod were found after three days of being stranded in B.C.'s backcountry.

Jacob and Anja Oosterwijk from Fort Macleod — who are both in their 40s — left home for Fernie, B.C., on Saturday morning for what was supposed to be a day trip. While family members say they made it to Fernie, they were expected back home by 6 p.m. Saturday but never made it.

Family members say their vehicle became stuck on the road. After walking a few kilometres, they found a cabin and used a radio inside to call for help.

At 4 p.m. MT, Elk Valley RCMP were notified of a radio transmission received from a remote area. A woman with a European accent said that she and her husband had become stuck and could not get out, according to RCMP. 

Her husband had an injured knee, but she said they were otherwise OK. RCMP said the transmission was very broken, and they got no further details. 

Shortly after the transmission, and once a narrower area was determined, a police dog was able to locate the stranded dark green 1997 Honda CRV that the couple was travelling in.

A helicopter was dispatched to the area, and located two people who were confirmed to be the Oosterwijks. 

The family has been notified that their parents have been safely located, and RCMP say they are very relieved and thankful for all the community help and support.

The search for the missing couple started on Sunday, and RCMP Insp. Joe McGeough said it included two search helicopters flying over the area leading to Fernie and volunteers on the ground.

 The Oosterwijks were transported to hospital to be evaluated.