'Alberta Angels' sought by Florida couple after devastating motorcycle accident

A Florida couple were in a horrible motorcycle accident from a tire blowout when a couple from Alberta went above and beyond to keep them safe and now the motorcyclists want to meet and say thank you to what they are calling their ‘Alberta Angels.’

Unknown Alberta couple stopped traffic, even visited the injured motorcyclists in hospital

Jeri and Jeff Hamilton, about a week after a serious motorcycle accident where a couple from Alberta went out of their way to help. (Facebook/Jeri and Jeff Hamilton)

Two people from Alberta went above and beyond after a tire blowout caused a terrible motorcycle accident for a Florida couple.

Now the motorcyclists want to meet who they're calling their 'Alberta Angels' and say thank you.

Jeff and Jeri Hamilton run a small clock restoration business in Tallahassee, Florida.

They work hard all year to fund their motorcycle trips throughout the United States each summer.

Jeff and Jeri Hamilton have done a motorcycle trip around the United States for the past 5 years. (Facebook/Jeff and Jeri Hamilton)

In 2015, the goal was to camp under the stars in Yellowstone National Park.

On Aug. 2 at about noon, the couple was about two hours from the park on Wyoming Highway 120 when the back tire on their motorcycle blew out.

"The back end of the bike started swerving and I couldn't control it," said Jeff in a phone interview with CBC News from his Tallahassee home Saturday.

"My wife was on the back and she was holding on. She said, I think we are going to make it."

Jeri said after the crash, which left the couple with significant injuries, a man and woman in their early 50s approached them.

"This couple ran up and said, 'Oh my God, you are alive, we thought you were both dead, we witnessed the whole thing,'" Jeri said.

The crash had left debris and personal belongings strewn across the highway, which the helpful witnesses collected.

"They were just so helpful. They stopped traffic, got cold towels to put on an open wound on my arm, they put umbrellas over us, gave us water because it was about 35C, it was hot," Jeri explained.

The Hamiltons were in rough shape.

"My wife's arm was obliterated, a piece of her elbow is still back on the roadside in Wyoming," Jeff said.

"I had multiple internal injuries, lacerated liver, lacerated kidney, lacerated spleen, eight broken ribs, crushed shoulder, and a bruised lung."

Jeff and Jeri were taken to the nearby Thermopolis hospital.

The Hamilton's 'Alberta Angels' came to visit them in hospital after the crash. (Facebook/Jeri and Jeff Hamilton)

About an hour later, a nurse said they had visitors, which surprised Jeri because they didn't know anyone in the state.

It was the couple, who the nurse said was from Alberta, coming to check on the Hamiltons.

"They came in and said they just wanted to make sure we were okay and did we need anything else?" Jeri said.

"They were just the nicest people. They could have just driven by and called 9-1-1. They just to me went above and beyond and I would love to know who they are."

Jeri said the effort put in by these 'Alberta Angels' really made a bad situation a lot better.

Jeff and Jeri Hamilton were wearing these vests when they were in a horrible motorcycle accident in Wyoming last August. (Facebook/Jeff and Jeri Hamilton)

"It is common for bikers to help bikers, we always stop as we see someone on the side on the road, but cars to bikers, that is kind of unusual," Jeri said.

"It was a 20-mile drive back in the opposite direction back to Thermopolis to hospital, I just thought that was so special."

Jeri said, although she spoke with the couple, she cannot recall what they look like, possibly because she was in a state of shock at the time.

Jeff says the accident could have been much worse, but for the efforts of their 'angels'.

"We didn't even know they were behind us, but to be honest thank god they were," Jeff said.

"We were lucky nobody was coming the other direction and we were so fortunate to have somebody like them behind us … to stop traffic and just take care of us when we were incapable of taking care of ourselves."

The Hamiltons are hoping to meet the couple again.

"To get to see them and say thank you, it's a small thing, but to let them know it really, really did matter," Jeff said.

"Good deeds shouldn't go unrewarded, they just shouldn't," Jeri added.

The Hamilton's daughter set up a Facebook page to share their recovery progress and hopefully, for someone who might know their Angels, to get in touch.


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