Al and Jared Scharff embrace their neon yellow shirt fame at Flames game

Al and Jared Scharff were minding their own business enjoying the Flames vs. Canucks game on Tuesday night. Little did they know that the neon yellow shirts they were wearing – amid of sea of red jerseys – grabbed the attention of just about everyone.

Edmonton father and son oblivious they ‘stuck out like a sore thumb’ during Game 4

Al and Jared Scharff's neon shirts were hard to miss in a sea of red. (@crackmacs)

Al and Jared Scharff were minding their own business enjoying the Flames and Canucks game on Tuesday night. Little did they know that the neon yellow shirts they were wearing — amid of sea of red jerseys — grabbed the attention of just about everyone.

The brightly coloured father and son spawned their very own parody account on Twitter as well as the hashtag — #neonshirt. Even Hockey Night in Canada announcers gave them a shoutout on national television, quipping, 'Somebody buy that guy a red shirt.'

Al Scharff told the Homestretch's Doug Dirks, that it wasn't until the third period before he figured out he and his son were making waves in the sea of red. Their phones were not working inside the Saddledome. 

'I didn't think I'd stick out like a sore thumb

Then people started shouting and showing them photos from their  mobile phones and even taking selfies with the pair. "I didn't think we'd stick out like a sore thumb," said Al.

But he took it in stride. "I thought, 'That's cool.' Everybody wanted to buy me a shirt."

Jared was soaking up the attention, too. "Everyone was looking at us and not the game, and then all of sudden Harvey came down the stairs and gave us a jersey.

Jared didn't hesitate to strip off his yellow shirt and don the Flames jersey. "It was insane."

"It was a fun time and the crowd was great," said Al, who with his son were at the Saddledome for the first time.

Yellow shirts a family tradition

Wearing bright yellow T-shirts is a tradition for the Scharffs, something they've been doing since they started going to events as a family and didn't want to lose each other.

The T-shirts were a giveaway at an event and they continue to wear them, saying they seem to bring good luck to the team they're rooting for at the time. Jared's a fan torn between the Canucks and the Flames and the Oilers. "It's a tough series for me," he said.

But the 15 minutes of fame is easy to take. They've had many requests for interviews from various media outlets at their home back in Edmonton and Jared's high school friends have been contacting him through social media.

"This came out of the blue and I'm glad the Calgary people embraced this," said Al. "We'd be happy to come back and wear the yellow shirts again if it brings good luck." 


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