Explosion blows out windows of southeast Calgary flour mill

An explosion shattered windows at a flour mill in southeast Calgary Wednesday evening.

Crews responded to the scene shortly before 7 p.m. Wednesday

Police tape off a flour mill in southeast Calgary after an explosion Wednesday evening. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

An explosion shattered windows at a flour mill in southeast Calgary Wednesday evening.

Fire crews, EMS and police responded to the scene at 6:45 p.m., at 4002 Bonnybrook Road S.E.

Police said the blast happened on the 10th floor.

Seventeen workers were in the building at the time, and all have been accounted for.

Nobody was injured.

"Safety was a concern, that's why a second-alarm was called for this facility just to get additional apparatus and resources here to help us with searching the building and make sure all workers had been evacuated," said fire department Batt. Chief Bruce Gelhorn.

Gelhorn said there was a small fire in the building in a few areas following the explosion, but as of 8:10 p.m. it was under control. There was minor damage to that floor, but no major structural damage.

The sprinkler system was triggered by the blast, Gelhorn said, which helped keep the fire in check.

ADM Milling Co. was listed at that address — the company's website says its Calgary mill produces flours, bakery mixes, and bran and wheat germ.

Fire department acting battalion Chief Bruce Gelhorn said nobody was injured after an explosion at ADM Milling Co. on Bonnybrook Road S.E. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

The cause of the fire is unknown, Gelhorn said. 

"Investigators are just starting their investigation now so it'll probably be several hours before we know exactly what caused the explosion," he said shortly after 8 p.m.

The blast happened at ADM Milling Company in southeast Calgary's Alyth-Bonnybrook-Manchester industrial area. (Google Maps)

With files from Anis Heydari


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