Accused Beauchamp killers guilty

The man charged with killing businessman Jack Beauchamp has been found guilty of second degree murder and the man who gave him the gun has been convicted of manslaughter.

2 men charged with 2006 of businessman Jack Beauchamp found guilty

The man who shot and killed a Calgary businessman in 2006 at his downtown office, has been convicted of second-degree murder.

Mohamad Karim was found guilty by a Calgary court on Friday of shooting Jack Beauchamp six times.

Karim got the gun from Robert Deer who was found guilty of manslaughter.

Both men were originally charged with first-degree murder.

Deer had a contentious relationship with Beauchamp over a mortgage application.

He asked Karim to go to Beauchamp's office and they shopped for sunglasses, gloves and rubbing alcohol. 

Justice Beth Hughes ruled Friday that despite those preparations, she could not be certain either man meant to kill Beauchamp.

Second Trial

This is the second time Karim and Deer have been tried for the death of Jack Beauchamp after the Alberta Court of Appeal sent it back for retrial.

The two men will be sentenced at a later date.