A glimpse inside the Cecil Hotel in its final days

The CBC got a tour of the decrepit fire and flood-ravaged Cecil Hotel, before the building is demolished by the end of the year.
CBC's Evelyne Asselin got a final tour of the Cecil Hotel before demolition of the building starts. One piece has already been taken down, the famous Cecil Hotel landmark neon sign. 1:38
Calgary Municipal Land Corporation ( CMLC) announced Wednesday the historic Cecil Hotel will be demolished by the end of the year.  The land will be sold to a developer and is expected to go fast. 

CBC's Evelyne Asselin got a final tour of the flood- and fire-ravaged building before the excavators start to take it down. She was met with mould and decrepit conditions. The state of the building has made it unsalvageable. 

Landmark sign taken down

The famous Cecil Hotel neon sign was taken down  Friday morning, marking the start of demolition. The sign will be restored and remain in storage until a spot is found for it in the East Village. It could be added to the new construction that will replace the hotel or CMLC will find another place for it in the area.