89-year-old Alberta pilot still enjoys the freedom of flight

Gordon Jones of High River, Alta., is a licenced pilot who still loves to fly his vintage Tiger Moth plane.

Gordon Jones has been taking to the skies in a Tiger Moth plane for seven decades

89-year-old Alberta pilot

10 years ago
Duration 2:32
Alberta man still flying planes at 89 years of age.

Gordon Jones of High River, Alta., is a licenced pilot who still loves to fly his vintage Tiger Moth plane.

"The main thing is the freedom of it, you can just go anywhere you want," he said.

Nearing his 90th birthday, Gordon Jones still takes his bright yellow biplane out for a spin when he can.

It not only brings back memories of his days as an instructor for the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War, but his stories also served as inspiration for the book called Wings over High River.

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