Calgary police stand behind 3 'excellent officers' charged with kidnapping, assault

After an investigation into a 2010 incident involving at-risk youth, three veteran Calgary police officers have been charged with kidnapping and assault.

Charges stem from 2010 at-risk youth investigation

CPS supports those charged and the process 12:44

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Three veteran Calgary police officers have been charged with kidnapping and assault after an investigation into a 2010 incident involving at-risk youth.

Det. Reagan Hossack, who has been on the force for 18 years, has been charged with kidnapping.

Sgt. Mark Schwartz, who has 16 years on the force, and 25-year-member Det. Paul Rubner have both been charged with kidnapping and assault.

Police say the three members were part of the vice unit at the time.

They picked up a man on Jan. 20, 2010, who they believed had information related to an investigation into at-risk youth. Police believed that man might have information on a young woman being sexually exploited.

The officers are alleged to have driven the man around for about 20 minutes while assaulting him. That man died several months later in circumstances not related to the alleged assault. He did not make a report to police on the incident.

Charges, not convictions

Acting Supt. Don Coleman says he fully stands behind the officers involved and the process.

"It's not convictions, it's charges, so these are allegations, and then we will support the process once the matter goes before the courts," Coleman told reporters at a news conference Wednesday.

"I know these officers personally. I have worked around them. They are excellent officers and incredible people and they really have served the public well. They are some of the most dedicated and committed people you will ever want to meet."

The professional standards section of the Calgary Police Service received a complaint in June of 2015 from a former officer who was present at the time of the alleged incident but has since retired.

The three officers are now on administrative leave for seven days. Court dates have not yet been set.

Coleman said he was not aware of any other case of a kidnapping charge against a Calgary police officer.