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Calgary police hear from community members, city councillors

The Calgary Police Service heard from community members and city councillors Wednesday evening during a meeting at the Marlborough Community Association in the city's northeast.

Oil revenues, taxes nudge up Alberta's projected surplus to $5.5B

Higher-than expected revenue from income taxes and non-renewable resource revenues are bumping Alberta’s expected surplus up to $5.5 billion this year, the province’s latest financial statements say.

Historic drought means there's almost no snow for ski hills in B.C.'s Interior

Despite the fact it’s late November in Smithers, B.C., the picturesque alpine town is free of snow.

Alberta Conservative MP accused of insulting francophones by asking minister to speak English

A Conservative member of Parliament from Alberta was accused of undermining bilingualism and insulting francophone Canadians after she asked a cabinet minister from Quebec to speak in English during an appearance before a parliamentary committee.

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