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Brodie Fenlon is editor in chief and executive director of daily news for CBC News.

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Editor's Note

Why we can't tell you the full COVID-19 story

Today CBC News is launching a project called Lives Remembered, our commitment to honouring and understanding more about the Canadians who have lost their lives to COVID-19.
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Names, facts and reporting on the Nova Scotia shooting rampage

The shooting rampage in Nova Scotia that left at least 18 victims dead has devastated the small communities in which it occurred and shocked the entire country. At CBC News, we take seriously our responsibility to tell you as much information as we have and deliver it to you without sensationalizing or understating its impact on Canadians. 
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Managing risk to get closer to the COVID-19 story

At CBC News, we are doing things differently — much differently — as we work to bring you the latest information about the coronavirus pandemic, investigate the important questions that need answering, and take you to the story we are all trying to properly comprehend.
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A peek behind the curtain: How CBC staff are covering the pandemic

CBC journalists across the country are working in new and innovative ways to bring you the latest on the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's a look at how some of them are doing it.
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An update on local services and all the ways to access COVID-19 information on CBC News

Millions of Canadians have been turning to CBC News daily on TV, radio, digital and social media for the latest information on COVID-19. Here are some of the many ways to access CBC journalism on the pandemic and some recent changes we've made to our programming.
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An update on CBC News, local TV newscasts and COVID-19

People care deeply about CBC News. They care even more deeply about local news. So, it's no surprise that we received plenty of concerned reaction to our temporary decision to stop local supper-hour newscasts in the wake of mounting technical and staffing challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Editor's Note

Why CBC News is making changes to local programming during the COVID-19 crisis

These are truly unprecedented times, and like all Canadians, CBC News has had to make adjustments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting Wednesday, CBC News Network will replace local supper-hour and late-night newscasts across the country except in the North. CBC's editor in chief explains why we took this step.